Hug: 'PH teams would get into the top 3 at SMM'

DotA Ren “Ren” Vitug

Thanking you for making time for this interview. Would you mind introducing yourselves to our readers?

-Nma : "Hi, I am Richard Minowa, Team Captain of Pacific.eMaxx. My in-game name is Nma."

-Hug: "Hi, I am Jo Tan, and I use Hug as my in-game name. I rotate on carry [position 1-3] positions [depending on the game]"

Let us start off with your most recent win, the just finished GEST – IDC November. What can you guys say about the win?

-Nma: "Of course we are happy; especially since Christmas is drawing near. (laughs)"

-Hug: "Of course winning makes us happy, and the prize is great as well."

"After SMM, we will know who is the real team to beat."


Your undefeated stretch at the GEST now extends to 2 months. You think you guys already established yourselves as the team-to-beat when it comes to SEA DotA?

-Nma: "No. Not yet."

-Hug: "After SMM, we will know who is the real team-to-beat."

GEST, of course, is an international tournament. What role do you think it does in developing the players? Or do you think that the International experience doesn’t mean much since it’s just an online tournament?

-Nma: "It still helps on the team-play and coordination. It also of course gives the much needed experience regarding unique strategies and plays, something we need this coming SMM."

-Hug: "It helps our team-play. [International] Experience is still experience, be it online or be it LAN."

Now that you have mentioned it, I heard you guys are joining SMM. Nothing was confirmed yet because it was only an online registration. Does this mean that you guys will surely go?

-Nma: "(shouts and cheers) SMM, woooooooo!" -Hug: "Yeah, we are going for sure. I just received my passport, I seriously thought I am going to be left out."

And this is your first LAN experience on joining an International Competition, am I right?

-Nma: "Yes, and hopefully we win!"

"I think we can put up a good fight."

Going back to PGF, it can be recalled that you lost to eventual Champion Ledion.Dreamz on the Semi-finals. Of course, a free trip to Malaysia to compete on the SMM was the Grand Prize. What made you guys push through on SMM despite losing at PGF?

-Nma: "Why not try? I think we can put up a good fight."

-Hug: "I think it is good for everyone, and I also think that we have a good shot at winning."

Well, it is just a little over 2 weeks remaining until SMM. What preparations are you doing for it, any special training or plans?

-Nma: "[Playing] RGC! Of course, we also formulate new strategies and plays. We also practice with other teams."

-Hug: "Yes, but our plans are secret for now."

You used Traxex on the 2 games of the Finals of the GEST – IDC November. If one thing, that isn’t a secret anymore! Can you enlighten us about that pick?

-Nma: "Because she deals big damage on her right-clicks!? LOL (Laughs)"

You are the 4-time Champions at GEST, an online tournament. What do you think will be the difference on the LAN tournament that is SMM?

-Nma: "The pressure is the biggest difference."

I assume you have seen the registered participants already? What teams are you looking forward to on competing against? What teams would you want to register?

-Nma: "iG, of course. I want the [competitive DotA] Chinese teams to join so the SMM will be fun. It will be more fun though if we win! (laughs) Also, we also want to see the teams who joined GEST, especially SVR_es. They are good [players]."

-Hug: "I would love to play against iG as well."

"It is more or less the same for everyone."


So who do you think has more pressure: the Filipino teams who have been performing excellently during GEST, or the Chinese because they are the globally-distinguished powerhouse?

-Nma: "It is more or less the same for everyone."

Well, as I have said on the last question, the PH teams are faring excellently during GEST. Do you think that the Filipino teams can replicate or improve on the 3rd place finish last year?

-Nma: "Trust! "

-Hug: "Yes, I think it will improve. We just need to trust."

Are you up to making a bold prediction on SMM’s Top 3?

-Nma: "Emaxx."

-Hug: "PH teams would get into the top 3, but I don’t want to specifically name a team."

Awesome. I really appreciate the time that you have spared for this interview. Do you have any greetings and shout-outs to friend and sponsors?

-Nma: "I want to greet all my Facebook friends, especially my real friends. Shout out to the Badburn Family, particularly Sir Ron and Ma’am Glenda. I also want to greet my Pacific family - Neolution Girls, Neolution PH, Pacific-iChill, Pacific-Palit and Ma’am Vange who always supports us! We also would like to thank our sponsors in Emaxx Philippines, Roccat and Pacific eSports. The last but not the least, my only fan, Inma Mendoza. <3"

-Hug: "I first want to greet Sir Ron and Ma’am Glenda, Sir Jeff, Sir Pasia and everyone from Badburn. I want to thank my Facebook supporters and real-life friends. I want to greet my brother Tom Del Castillo and Michael Buan. Also to The Net Trojan and to Boss Emerson Albo. The last is for our sponsors, Emaxx, Pacific eSports, Roccat, and Ma’am Vange. Ice yan tol."

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