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Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 07 September 2011 17:06
With so much happenings in the world of DotA over the past month and a little bit, we take a look back at the transfers and the tournaments that have happened in what will hopefully be the first of a continuing series of monthly reports. The transfer market was arguably the busiest we have seen, with action both in the Chinese scene and also European scene. This month saw the conclusion of some of the major online tournaments in European DotA, as well as the big one, The International, held in Cologne Germany.

Transfer Update:

Transfers: August
PlayersFromtoNew TeamNews
China Zhou
China SanSheng
China 430
China xiao8
China DDC
China CCMChina iG.ZNews
China YYF
China ch
China 830
Malaysia ChuaN
China LGDChina iG.YNews
China xiao8
China DDC
China iG.ZChina LGDNews
China xiao_DChina Nv.cnChina LGDNews
China DDChina TyLooChina LGDNews
China KingJChina DKChina Nirvana.cnNews
China LongDD
China Zippo
China DtHfChina DKNews
China Awoke
China Faith
China TyLooChina iG.ZNews
China beNzChina DKChina PanDaNews
China xiaoGuaiOther NILChina Nv.CnNews
China beNzChina PanDaChina iG.YNews
China HaoChina TyLooChina PanDaNews
Denmark Link
Denmark CalculuS
Denmark NEDenmark nevoNews
Russia Vigoss
Russia PGG
Russia TRRussia M5News
Singapore HyHy
Singapore xy-
Singapore Tofu
Singapore iceiceice
Singapore Roy
Malaysia YamateH
Singapore Scythe.SGSingapore MYM.SGNews

Verdict: An extremely busy month in the transfer scene, even by Chinese standards, and catalyst no doubt being the takeover of CCM. In the European scene, one has a sinking suspicion that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It will be interesting to see how the Asian division of MYM perform.

Retirements / Status Unknown:
China Kssss from Nv.cn (Retired)
China kabu from TyLoo (Retired)
China FCB / Crystal from EHOME (Retired)
China 820 from EHOME (Retired)
Lebanon FM (Disbanded)
Denmark NE (Disbanded)
Denmark MYM (Disbanded)

The month started off with a bombshell, with Catastrophic Cruel Memories (CCM) being involved in a 6 million dollar takeover acqusition by Invictus Gaming. This sudden and unexpected change became the catalyst behind many other player transfers. The subsequent acqusition of 4 LGD members, everyone bar ZSMJ caused huge waves in the scene, and many teams scrambled to both protect their players and at the same time try to improve their own squads in order to be able to match up to this new and certainly formidable iG organisation. There was a downpour of sympathy for ZSMJ, the lone survivor in LGD, and many were heartened to see his ex-Dream team mates volutarily join him in a new-look LGD side.

Prior to these shocking moves, "The International" and its 1 million dollar prizepool had already been announced, luckily LGD were the only "victims" of this paradigm shift of power in Chinese DotA, but whether these moves affected the players performances are another question altogether.

"The International" gave us a week of calm, as teams put all effort into performing well in the tournament. The moment it ended however, the Chinese were back at it again. TyLoo became the new old LGD side, hit by numerous transfers of its players, when the dust settled, only kabu was left. A new roster was announced, but alas kabu, deeply impacted by changing 7 team members in the mere 5 months he had been at TyLoo decided it was time to hang up his mouse. Another interesting thing to note would be beNz moving 2 times in one month, first to PanDa, then to iG.Y. His transfer caused a certain amount of controversy and again the dark side of Chinese DotA, the poaching of players, reared its ugly head. Team managers clashed and harsh words exchanged.

In the European scene, all seemed quiet. But it was to be the proverbial calm before the storm. The storm came in the form of a category 5 hurricane, as news emerged of the disbandment of long time powerhouses MeetYourMakers. The possible silver lining of this month would be M5's move for PGG and Vigoss. The prospect of seeing the V-God again playing at a high level left many drooling. News then followed of Nordic E-sports Link and CalculuS moving to nevo (as of 7 September under the "Monkey" clan tag), and the subsequent disbandment of NE.

Shortly after, MYM announced the acquisition of Singaporean team Scythe.SG, as well as Malaysian superstar YaMateH. Can this new Asian division of MYM be able to fill the boots of their old Danish counterparts? Only time will tell.

Tournament Update

Farm 4 Fame 3
PlacingsTeamPrize Money
1stDenmark MYM€1500
2ndUkraine Na`Vi€1000
3rdOther OKNv€500
4th PlaceRussia M5NA

WCG China
PlacingsTeamPrize Money
1stChina TyLoo$3100
2ndChina iG$1550
3rdChina DK$770
4th PlaceChina Nv.cnNA

ASUS Summer
PlacingsTeamPrize Money
1stUkraine Na`Vi$2500 Euro
2ndKazakhstan NEXT$1270 Euro
3rdRussia OSI$800 Euro
4thRussia TR$500 Euro
"The International" took up most of the headlines this month, and rightly so, with a total of 1.6 million dollars being handed out to the top 8 teams. Na`Vi emerged victorious in the end, on the way showing versitile and flawless teamplay, not to mention the aggressive push strats they were already known for. However, things din't seem that rosy for Na`Vi at the start of the month, where they lost in the Winner's Bracket of Farm 4 Fame, then lost again to the same opponents MYM in the Grand Final.

In China the main event was the World Cyber Games, where we first saw Zhou, 430 and co. first compete under the banner of Invictus Gaming. Alas, they were defeated by TyLoo in a nailbiting struggle that lasted more than 60 minutes. TyLoo made a desperate push for the World Tree and came too close when it fell. We saw Guinsoo being made on a weaver, and a base race ensued. In a close fight, with Zhou still yet to revive, Nerubian Weaver landed the final hit on the World Tree with barely 200 hitpoints and a bounce of Lich's chain frost barely milliseconds away from hitting him. In the bronze medal match, DK beat Nirvana.cn to claim third place.

Back in Europe, in the last offline tournament before Gamescom and The International, we saw Na`Vi sweep aside all competition with ease, and stroll to the finals of ASUS Summer 2011. In the final they met surprise package Next.kz from Kazakhstan, but they met with the same fate that Na`Vi dealt to all of its opponents thus far, and Na`Vi emerge victorious. TR (ex-PGG+4) lost in the bronze medal match to OSI.

Last but not least we come to The International. Early favourites emerged in the form of MYM and Na`Vi. With the chinese scene in so much chaos, many saw this as a chance for European teams to get one over their Chinese couterparts. In the end, it turned out like ASUS, and Na`Vi once again swept aside all competition to take home the one million dolllars. Other teams to menton would be the teams from South East Asia, Scythe from Singapore and MiTH.Trust from Thailand both finished strongly, a far cry from what many people might have expected. Do check out some of our reccommend VODs here.

The International
First PlaceUkraine Na'Vi$1,000,000
Second PlaceChina EHOME$250,000
Third PlaceSingapore Scythe.SG$150,000
Fourth PlaceDenmark MYM$80,000
Fifth PlaceRussia M5$35,000
Sixth PlaceChina iG$35,000
Seventh PlaceOther OK.Nv.Int$25,000
Eighth PlaceThailand MiTh.Trust$25,000

Future Tournaments

Dream Cup Schedule
DateTeams InvolvedMedia
12/8China LGD2-0China DtHf(VoD)
7/9China DKvsChina Tyloo
-China EHOMEvsChina Nirvana.cn
-China WEvsChina iG.Y
This cup was started on the 12th of August, with LGD playing the now disbanded DtHf. The Chinese scene was soon hit with yet another flurry of transfers and departures and the tournament had to be suspended. With iG, EHOME, WE and Nirvana.cn all yet to play, this is certainly a cup to look out for as teams will look to this platform to test out new rosters and new playstyles.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
China Nirvana.CNChina iG.ZChina TyLooChina LGD
China EHOMEChina DKChina WEChina iG.Y
Ukraine Na'ViVietnam SBRussia M5Malaysia MUFC
Fans had a glimpse of the fierce rivalry between European and Asian DotA at the recently concluded Gamescom in Germany. Cashing in on all the hype is a new Chinese tour, the Hao Fang Golden League that announces the participation of two top European and Asian teams - Na'Vi and M5 from Europe and SB and MUFC from Asia. A total of 160,000 RMB ($25,000) is in store for the winners.

WDC Chinese Qualifiers
10/9China EHOMEvsChina LGD
China iG.ZvsChina PanDa
11/9China iG.YvsChina WE
China DKvsChina Tyloo
13/9China EHOMEvsChina PanDa
China LGDvsChina WE
14/9China iG.ZvsChina Tyloo
China iG.YvsChina DK
Shortly after details of the World DotA Championships (WDC) were released to the public, the organizing committee also announced the schedule of the Chinese qualifiers for WDC. As defending champions of last year's tournament, Nirvana.cn has already qualified for the offline finals. Hence, the remaining 8 Chinese teams will now have to play for 3 slots. Matches will occupy the remaining weeks of September with the last match played on September 30th.

ICSC 9 - Groupstage
Group AGroup B Group CGroup D
Ukraine Na`Vi
Romania sTurtle
Russia ToM
Czech Republic mTl.Tt
Russia Moscow5
Sweden DRz
Europe OSI1G
Greece Pros
Other OK.Nirvana.int
Ukraine Game Zone
Kazakhstan Gosu
Bulgaria Esports-gamingBG
Denmark TBA
Sweden FEARZ
Belarus PowerRangers
Belarus DevilMice
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Kazakhstan NEXT.kz
Ukraine Hard Team
Serbia 4GL
Macedonia GC
Europe GGnet
Germany. exe
Russia 2l8
Jordan C4
Slovakia SGC
Europe Decerto
Russia Sairota
Kazakhstan Tenax
France Virus
Russia OSi
Russia Xx5
Russia Strong team
Season nine of the SuperCup tournaments, that emerged to a backbone of the competitive DotA landscape, will pay out $7,000, which is twice the amount of the last Intel Challenge. Further, the final matches of the tournament between the best four teams, will be held at the Cybersport Arena in Kiev on the 8th and 9th of October.

Special Feature

The future of DotA:
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