Benz leaves PanDa Gaming for iG.Y

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 01 September 2011 15:24

Despite bad blood between the two organisations involved in the transfer, PanDa and Invictus Gaming, they have just released an official statement confirming the transfer of Benz to iG.Y for a 50,000 ($8000) RMB fee.With Benz returning to his former teammates, much can be expected, and much will.

During the first Great Chinese Reshuffle in January, Benz (Sharingan) was bought over by the DK organisation and was subsequently replaced by Malaysian player Chuan. The SMM 1st runner's up team was subsequently broken up but they eventually found a way back to the top.

Will Benz fill up the seemingly irreplaceable void left by ZSMJ or will the team resort to yet another change of roster? Regardless, it is the hope of many that this roster will tide the team through achievement and success at this year's LANs - and only time will prove itself.

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