DreamHack Summer 2017 - Day Two Recap

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 19 June 2017 11:40

Upon the conclusion of day two all four semi-finalists were determined, whilst the remaining four teams packed their bags for the trip home.

Group A

Europe mousesports vs. Denmark Team Singularity - 2:0

de_Nuke - 16:14 (10:5, 6:9)

A strong start from Singularity, as the Danes manage to secure the first pistol round of the series, closely followed by an additional two rounds. Come round four, mousesports were looking at a full buy, one they managed to make sense of, dispatching all members of the CT side, as well as securing their first digit on the map at 1:3. The European mix experienced a loss after their foot into the game, however the team followed up with a dominant string of rounds, extending their lead to a rather impressive 8:4. In the final three rounds of the initial half the Danes weren't able to do much, amounting to but a single more at 5:10. 

The second pistol was secured by mousesports, however contrary to their opponents, the team was unable to develop rounds off the back of it, as Singularity opted to force buy, and did so successfully, running away with the following four rounds. This meant that the deficit went from a rather dire 5:11 to 9:11. Round 21 saw Singularity run out of time, unable to secure a bomb plant or dispatch the defence, gifting their opponents a digit. This gave mousesports a confidence boost, enabling the team to land a couple more rounds in their favour, extending their lead to a 14:9 score line. In a last-ditch effort, Singularity were able to buckle up and continuously bombard the defence, with great success, as a 14:14 score was reached, with both teams desperate to secure victories. Mousesports proved to be the most seasoned, as the team grabbed the final two rounds of the map, closing out at a nail-biting 16:14.

de_Mirage - 16:13 (9:6, 7:7)

Singularity kicked off yet another map with a pistol round victory, on this occasion it was the T side of Mirage. Unfortunately for the team, however, it did not go on to yield an early lead, as mousesports were able to come back in the latter rounds, smashing out six in a row at 6:1. Unwilling to go down without a fight, the Danes resurged, clocking in four rounds of their own to lessen their deficit at 5:6. The final four rounds of the initial half were skewed towards European mixture, as a 3:1 distribution meant a 9:6 finish for mouz's CT side. 

Jumping into the aggression, mousesports managed to secure the fourth pistol round of the series, along with an additional two rounds, which lead to the team doubling up on their opponents’ score at 12:6. The resilience of the underdogs proved to be formidable, to put lightly, as they fought rounds as if they were their last. Four of the following five rounds fell in favour of the Danes, allowing the team to get their heads back into the game. At a 10;13 deficit, it would be now or never for Singularity, as the map lead was in mouz’s pocket. Whilst every effort was made on the Danish side, ultimately the map was secured by the European mix, in what proved to be another close map, Mousesports managed to closed out with a 16:13 score line, securing their match-up against SK Gaming.

Brazil SK Gaming vs. Europe mousesports - 2:0

de_Inferno - 16:14 (5:10, 11:4)

Fired up after their victory against the Danish side, mousesports continued their momentum through to the match-up against the Brazilians. Nothing short of pure dominance was demonstrated by the European mix on the T side of Inferno, as the team secure the pistol round, coupled with a two round follow-up, kicking off to a  3:0 lead. SK Gaming managed to snag a single round in their favour, however this was met with even more aggression, as mouz kept pummelling, all the way to an astonishing 9:1 lead. SK Gaming managed to control the damage, lessening their deficit in the final five rounds, where they were able to secure four at 5:10.

It was now SK Gaming’s turn to play on the favourable side, and mercy was not shown. The pistol round was accrued, followed by the complementary two, allowing the Brazilians to slowly get back into the game at 8:10. Mousesports were able to secure a victory on their first full buy round,  however this was shut down immediately, as SK Gaming not only managed to plant the bomb in the next round, the team went on a  winning streak, producing a whopping six consecutive rounds, extending their lead to 14:11. With only two rounds to victory, SK Gaming managed to concede two consecutive rounds to mousesports, allowing the opposition to close in at 13:14. In heart-breaking fashion the European mix was unable to produce more, falling at 14:16.

de_Mirage - 16:9 (11:4, 5:5)

A strong start from mousesports on the defence, as the team is able to accrue both the pistol and following two rounds to get off to an early lead at 3:0. The Brazilians were not prepared to give up their map pick, and started preventing this early by picking up their first gun round. This proved to be the beginning of the end for mousesports, as the Brazilians quickly started amassing rounds, with a superb 1v4 hold on round four by none other than SK's superstar, Marcelo "coldzera" David. Four of said rounds fell in consecutive fashion to SK, followed by a cheeky round from mousesports. The break did not affect the favourites, as they proceeded to methodically accrue rounds, stopping at nothing. Seven of the final rounds all went in favour of SK Gaming, producing a dominant 11:4 initial half.

Another pistol round in favour of mousesports, a much needed breath of fresh air after a rather dire initial half. The team was once again able to grab the initial three of the half, this time on the offense. Come SK’s full buy, however, things changed for the worst. A 19th round victory for SK meant a break in momentum, however mouz kept powering through, securing the following round via a bomb plant. In the end the early deficit proved fatal for the Europeans, as SK Gaming dealt the killing blow, closing out the map following the acquisition of four of the final five rounds, closing the series at 16:9.

Group B

Kazakhstan Gambit Esports vs. United States Cloud9 - 2:0

de_Train - 16:12 (6:9, 10:3)

Cloud9 start the series with a pistol round victory on the offense, shortly followed by a round two upset by Gambit, leading to a peculiar 1:1 score line. The Americans re-align and start running away with rounds, managing to string together five in consecutive fashion, producing an early 6:1 lead. Unwilling to give up a heavy deficit, Gambit were able to recreate the result of their opponents, accruing five consecutive rounds of their own, equalising at 6:6. Closing out the initial half were Cloud9, who managed to have the last word at 9:6.

Once more the pistol round fell in favour of Cloud9. Gambit Esports managed to follow up with a bomb plant, one that never successfully exploded, however, landing the Americans another round at 11:6. Following this exchange, Cloud9 proved to be helpless against Gambit’s offense, as the team simply dominated the remaining rounds of the half. Round after round was secured by Zeus and co. with only a single round accrued by Cloud9 over its entirety. A 16;12 finish Gambit made for a strong start going into the series.

de_Cache - 16:11 (12:3, 4:8)

Cloud9 kick off Cache with yet another pistol round victory on the defence. Somewhat of a brawl is seen after, as each team managed to put together a digit each, with Cloud9 2:1 in the lead. Following this exchange Gambit started racking up the rounds, leaving no room to breathe for the Americans. Nine consecutive rounds meant Gambit were looking at a colossal 10:2 lead, and the team only went on to compliment it further with a 12:3 finish.

The latter half once again saw C9 grab the pistol round, however this time the following rounds were a bit more convincing from the Americans, as they managed to grab thee consecutively. Working against the tide, Cloud9 did their best to remain in the game for as long a period of time as possible, however the compounding deficit was crushing the team. Working against the odds, Cloud9 managed to bring their score to a grand total of 11, shortly after which Gambit Esports secured the final round required to secure a 16:11 victory and go on face Fnatic in the decider match.

Sweden Fnatic vs. Kazakhstan Gambit Esports - 2:0

de_Train - 16:12 (12:3, 4:9)

Group B's decider series kicked off to an explosive start for Gambit Esports, as the team managed to push the pistol round into a post-plant situation, which came to fruition for the Ts, as the bomb exploded, securing the first round of the series. Fnatic were seemingly unfazed by this development, as the team managed to secure the following two rounds, however only after successful bomb plants from the CIS mix. Another round was secured by Gambit, shortly followed by a dominant performance from the Swedish roster, as the team managed to clock in eight consecutive rounds, leading to a 10:2 lead. The opposition only managed to land another single round on the T side, with Fnatic walking away from the initial half at a staggering 12:3 lead. 

Resurgence was seen from the resilient roster of Gambit, as the team set out to a strong start on the defence. Not only was the team able to secure their second pistol round, an additional five were also accrued, closing the deficit gap to 9:12. Fnatic utterly crushed their opponents' dreams, as the Swedes followed the performance with three rounds of their own, placing them at map point with a 15:9 score. Once again the CIS roster stood stoic, immune to the pressure of a potential loss, clutching three rounds in their last efforts to enter overtime. Said overtime was never reached, however, as Denis "dennis" Edman landed four kills in the final round of the map, securing his team a 1-0 map score at 16:12.

de_Inferno - 19:17 (7:8, 8:7, 4:2)

Fnatic start off one of their favourite maps with the distinct lack of a bang, as the Swedes managed to prevent a bomb explosion in a post-plant situation on the CT side. Follow up was not seen by the CTs, as Gambit managed to sneak in three rounds of their own on the back of the money secured from the initial bomb plant. Another defuse came out from the Swedes, however Gambit scored their second string of three consecutive rounds immediately after, amounting to a 6:2 lead for the CIS mix. Refusing to go down, Fnatic started working on rounds, able to grab five of their own, producing a lead at 7:6. The final word was uttered by Gambit, as the team managed to close out the initial half with two rounds, 8:7.

The latter half saw Gambit secure the pistol round, shortly followed by an exchange from Fnatic that led to a 9:8 lead for the prior mentioned team. In a dominant stint, the Kazakh-majority team claimed the five following rounds, two of which saw a bomb plant from Fnatic, meaning the economy was not entirely ruined for the team on the hind foot. Facing a 8:14 deficit, Fnatic re-focused and proceeded to rake up the rounds in dominant fashion, with a total of five successful bomb plants. Said performance significantly decreased the Swedes' deficit, shortening it to just a single round at 13:14. In the final rounds Gambit managed to propel themselves ever so close to victory after reaching a 15:13 score line, however the experience and prowess of Fnatic kicked in just the right time, leading to overtime at a 15:15 stalemate. 

Fnatic decided to keep it short at a single overtime, overcoming the opposition with a 4:2 score.

Image courtesy of DreamHack Flickr/ Adela Sznajder


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