Sickly parts ways with Miami Flamingos, replaced by Tomi

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 13 June 2017 14:00

The organization cited the need to "find an alternative to our current game."

Miami Flamingos announced earlier today that Tomas "Tomi" Guardia would replace Juanes "sickLy" Valencia as part of the CS:GO squad. SickLy had been released from their roster over the weekend on good terms.

As of late, the team hasn't been able to qualify for any major tournaments, and placed fourth overall in the CEVO Season 12 - NA Main minor tournament. According to a statement on the team's Facebook page, it was clear that a change had to occur. The decision was "agreed upon by the team, coach and organization" and was not a solo-choice made by one person.

SickLy elaborated on the decision in a Facebook post of his own, citing that he and the Miami Flamingos didn't see eye to eye regarding in-game style and concepts. Tomi helped Isurus Gaming reach second place in the ESEA Season 24: Open Division - Brazil while also helping Team Argentina take second place in The World Championships 2016. 

The team is curerntly separated thanks to issues regarding Cristian "Proxure" Rojas' visa into the United States. 

With the addition of Tomi, Miami Flamingos once again have a full roster:

Cristian "Proxure" Rojas
Guillermo "guishorro" Areco
Jonathan "JonY BoY" Muñoz
Matias "tutehen" Canale
Tomas "Tomi" Guardia

Most of the team was signed to the Miami Flamingos back in November of 2016, when the roster officially moved into the organisation's Miami, Florida house. 

Images courtesy of Miami Flamingos


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