PGL Major Kraków 2017 - Vega Squadron and Tengri to main qualifiers

Posted by Ali "Maxxie" Or at 11 June 2017 22:54

Vega Squadron and Tengri were the two teams to reach the grand final of CIS Minor which awarded them main qualifiers spots.

Eight CIS-based teams participated in the CIS Minor for PGL Major Kraków. The $50,000 event which also offered two main qualifiers spots kicked-off with Group A. After two close matches, Spirit Academy and Vega Squadron were the teams to clash on the winners match, eventually Vega topped the group whereas Tengri struck back and defeated both Nemiga and Spirit Academy to further their hopes for PGL Major Kraków.

After Tengri secured semi-finals, it was Group B's turn to entertaint viewers with intense matches. Both opening matches were close affairs but Quantum Bellator Fire and pro100 defeated Spirit and Spartak respectively. A 16-14 victory against pro100 put QBF in the semis but the losers, pro100, went on to defeat Spartak to complete the play-off bracket.

Both Group A teams, Vega and Tengri bested their opponents fairly easily and met at the upper bracket finals where Tengri avenged their group stage defeat with a 2-1 series score. By doing so, the Kazakh-Kyrgyz mix grabbed the first of two main qualifier spots CIS Minor held.

pro100's 2-0 victory against QBF at the lower bracket gave them a last chance to make it to the main qualifier but the series resulted with 2-1 Vega Squadron victory. With this victory, Vega Squadron secured their second back-to-back main qualifier appearance.

With CIS Minor concluded, just Europe and Americas minors left to be played and current team list for the offline qualifiers is:

Sweden GODSENT France G2 Esports United States Liquid Europe mousesports
United States OpTic Europe HellRaisers CIS FlipSid3 Australia Renegades
China TyLoo Russia Vega Squadron Kazakhstan Tengri


Major main qualifier spots were of course the biggest prize at the CIS Minor but there was also $50,000 up on prize money. Vega Squadron and Tengri played to win the whole event and Tengri applied the same tariff on Vega, beating them 2-1 to receive $30,000. Vega Squadron also received a healthy amount of prize, $15,000, and finally pro100 were awarded $5,000 as the third placed team.

Image courtesy of PGL


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