ESL Pro League Season 5 - North American League final standings

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

Last night saw the conclusion of ESL Pro League Season 5 league play, deciding six teams from the North American region to participate at the LAN finals in Dallas.

With league play concluded, the rankings of fourteen North American teams have settled, determining the top six teams to advance to the LAN finals of ESL Pro League Season 5. The event will be held at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, Texas, United States on May 31st - June 4th, featuring twelve teams, six from each represented region (EU and NA). Said teams will face one another, fighting for the victor's share of an astonishing $750,000 in prize money coupled with bragging rights and glory.

Team Status Record (W-L) Round Difference
1. Brazil SK Gaming EPL Season 5 LAN Finals 20-6 142
2. United States Team Liquid EPL Season 5 LAN Finals 19-7 94
3. Brazil Immortals EPL Season 5 LAN Finals 19-7 88
4. United States NRG Esports EPL Season 5 LAN Finals 17-9 103
5. United States Cloud9 EPL Season 5 LAN Finals 17-9 79
6. United States OpTic Gaming EPL Season 5 LAN Finals 16-10 60
7. Brazil Luminosity Gaming EPL Season 6 15-11 52
8. United States Counter Logic Gaming EPL Season 6 15-11 12
9. Australia Renegades EPL Season 6 15-11 26
10. United States Misfits EPL Season 6 14-12 46
11. United States compLexity Gaming EPL Season 6 8-18 -43
12. United States Team Rush EPL Season 5 relegation 4-22 -124
13. United States The Foundation EPL Season 5 relegation 3-23 -183
14. New Zealand Animal Squad (ex-Winterfox) Forfeit Forfeit Forfeit

Contrary to the European standings, North America had a more predictable distribution of rankings, with most of the top teams from the region seen at the top. SK Gaming don an impressive 76.9% win percentage, spearheading the rankings of NA as per expectations. Following the Brazilians in close fashion are Team Liquid and Immortals, both at 73%. NRG Esports and Cloud9 both sport 65% and OpTic Gaming finalise the list of teams to participate at the LAN finals, hanging in there with 61.5%. Luminosity, CLG and Renegades were all so very close to landing a spot at Dallas, however fell short with just a single map victory behind OpTic. A particularly disappointing situation was seen with ex-Winterfox a.k.a Animal Squad, a team that opted to forfeit their spot in the ESL Pro League after their organisation was unable to transfer them from Oceania back to the US in time for official EPL S5 online matches. The team were forced into playing their matches from the region, as a consequence the latency was a massive disadvantage, playing a massive role in the team's fall.

The following teams will clash at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, Texas:

Europe North America
Denmark North Brazil SK Gaming
France G2 Esports United States Team Liquid
Europe mousesports Brazil Immortals
Sweden Fnatic United States NRG Esports
France Team EnVyUs United States Cloud9
CIS Natus Vincere United States OpTic Gaming

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