cs_summit - Day one recap

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 21 April 2017 00:17

Day one of cs_summit has concluded, with SK Gaming, Gambit Esports, Cloud9 and Team Liquid securing victories in their respective match-ups.

Brazil SK Gaming vs. France Team EnVyUs - 2-0 (16:9, 16:3)

de_Cache - 16:9 (9:6, 7:3)

A close initial CT half followed by a dominant T side meant SK Gaming would surpass EnVyUs on map one of the series. Despite the pistol falling in favour of Team EnVyUs, the team was not able to further their momentum past three consecutive rounds, with SK dashing forward to a 5:3 lead. The Frenchmen were able to grab another three round to the Brazilians' four, closing the initial half at 9:6. Having switched over to the aggression, SK Gaming conceded the pistol round, however the setback proved to be minor, as the Brazilians grabbed the following round, as well as two on top of it. Lost on the defence, EnVyUs were able to snag but two rounds prior to conceding the initial map at a 16:9 score line.

de_Mirage - 16:3 (12:3, 4:0)

SK Gaming kick off on the CT side, securing the pistol followed by two additional rounds. In an incredible show of stoicism the team was able to consistently fend off the French menace, shutting down essentially every advancement from their opponents. Three rounds was all she wrote for the Frenchmen during the initial half, conceding a whopping twelve to SK Gaming. On the offence the pistol round once again fell in favour of the Brazilians, followed by three additional rounds to cut the cards at a brief 16:3.

Kazakhstan Gambit Esports vs. Sweden GODSENT - 2-0 (19;15, 16:5)

de_Cache - 19:15 (7:8, 8:7, 4:0)

GODSENT start off on the T side, where they successfully out-frag Gambit, securing themselves the pistol round plus two. On this occasion the round strings were consecutive with little back and forth motion, as Gambit were able to put together seven consecutive rounds, prior to conceding a further five to the Swedes, closing the first half at 8:7 in favour of GODSENT. The second pistol of the map once again fell in favour of GODSENT, however on this occasion the team was not able to string together a further two, allowing the CIS mix three  rounds of their own. As time went by Gambit eventually saw themselves at a 15:12 score, with victory ever so close. Unable to capitalise on map point, the team conceded three rounds to push the series into overtime. Contrary to the aforementioned the CIS mix was able to close shop  rather swiftly, grabbing a quick four rounds to close the first map at 19:15.

de_Cobblestone - 16:5 (11:4; 5:1)

A strong performance from Gambit Esports on one of their finest maps. Rounds kept falling in their favour, pistol round included, producing a consistent lead on the T side. Closer towards the end of the map the Swedish side started accruing rounds, able to land three consecutive to produce a 4:11 initial half. In the following half Gambit were able to grab another pistol round, followed by an additional three, leading to match point at 15:4. Two rounds were exchanged by both sides to conclude the series at a 2-0 map sweep for Gambit Esports at 16:5.

Canada OpTic Gaming vs United States Cloud9 - 0-2 (9:16, 6:16)

de_Cobblestone - 9:16 (3:12; 6:4)

Cloud9 took the quick lead at the start, getting five rounds before OpTic could respond. Stewie2k dominated the first half, with multiple kill streaks in rounds to help bring Cloud9 a dominating terrorist side. OpTic just barely earned three wins in the first half, resulting in Cloud9 taking 12 before switching sides. OpTic almost came back on T-side, but a double kill from n0thing sealed Cobblestone for Cloud9, 9:16.

de_Mirage - 6:16 (1:14, 5:2)

Cloud9 once again dominated at the start of Mirage, getting nine round wins before OpTic could get one. OpTic could almost get their second, but Stewie2K shut them down round after round to hold OpTic to only one win in the first half. The second half started with a clutch OpTic pistol round win, but a clutch quad kill and last-minute defuse from JASON allowed Cloud9 their 14th point in the 17th round. The Green Wall had a start of a valiant comeback, winning four rounds in a row, but they ultimately crumbled against the force of Cloud9, 6:16.

Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas vs [f]United States[/] Team Liquid - 1-2 (10:16, 16:7, 3:16)

de_Nuke - 10:16 (8:7; 2:9)

Liquid took the first pistol round, but the first half was fairly even on both sides. Liquid took an early lead thanks to nitr0's clutch 4k to have Liquid up 0:2. NiP was able to catch up, however, and barely edged out Liquid at the end of the first half, 8:7. Liquid was quick to bring the score back in their favour at the start of the second half and started to run away with it come the second half. In the end, it was EliGE's double-kill and diffuse that finished off the map in Liquid's favour, 10:16.

de_Inferno - 16:7 (12:3, 4:4)

Ninjas in Pyjamas crack on with a strong CT side start, heavily dominating on the defence. The pistol was secured, followed by a five round string to produce a 6:0 lead. At this point Team Liquid managed to accrue two of their own, however shortly after the Swedes kept pummeling the rounds in, allowing but a single in favour of the North American team by half time at 12:3. The latter half saw Team Liquid grab the pistol, only to concede the following three, placing NiP at map point with 15:4. Liquid did not despair as they slowly started grind rounds, and in all fairness the team managed to secure three consecutively, despite the effort the Ninjas were not playing about, closing the second map on round 23 at 16:7.

de_Cobblestone - 3:16 (3:12, 0:4)

Team Liquid round out the series with an absolute stunner of a performance. The Swedes were able to scrape together but a mere three rounds in the initial half. The first pistol round of the map saw Team Liquid fend off the aggressors, followed by a strong development of momentum to produce a 4:0 lead. Round 5 saw NiP's first round of the map, that was, unfortunately for the Swedes, follow by another string of four consecutive rounds in favour of the NA reps. Some more of the same was seen once more to culminate the initial half at 12:3. The latter half only saw four rounds, all of which went in favour of Team Liquid, allowing the team to close out at a swift 16:3.

*OpTic Gaming vs. Cloud9 & NiP vs. TL recaps courtesy of Peggy "yotobari288" Forde

Image courtesy of Beyond the Summit


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