G2 Esports first team to qualify for StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 finals

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 19 March 2017 12:35

The Frenchmen from G2 Esports are the first team to secure a placement in the tournament LAN finals via the European qualifier.

Following a flawless performance in the first European qualifier, France G2 Esports have secured the first qualifier spot for the LAN finals of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3. As mentioned earlier, the Frenchmen managed to surpass all of their opponents without conceding a single map. 

Their initial match-up was against Poland Pride Gaming, where both maps, de_Nuke and de_Inferno saw fast executions, as the Poles were unable to produce double digit scores on both, grabbing just six and two rounds respectively.

Next up were Turkey Space Soldiers, a team that was able to produce some bite against the Frenchmen. The first map, de_Cobblestone saw a close initial half at 8:7 in favour of G2, shortly followed by a CT side domination, where the Turks only managed to secure two rounds to eight. After a 16:9 conclusion on Cobblestone, the teams switched over to de_Overpass, where a dominant CT performance was once against seen by the French. A commanding 12:3 lead by the conclusion of the initial half made for a comfortable cushion to rely on. Space Soldiers mounted a resurgence, nearly pushing the map into overtime, however the initial deficit proved to be detrimental to their success, as G2 Esports grabbed four rounds to close out the map at 16:13.

In the final match-up of the bracket, G2 met fellow Frenchmen and ex-teammates, France Team EnVyUs. The teams kicked off on de_Train, where G2 asserted their dominance over the boys in blue. The CT side for G2 saw a 13:3 half, followed by a 3:1 execution, allowing shoxie and co. a head start going into the best-of-three series. It, however, never saw the third map, as G2 Esports just about managed to snatch the second map out of the hands of Team EnVyUs. The initial half saw a close CT performance, where the team was able to grab a single round surplus over their countrymen. Following a similar performance was seen, however on the T side, the G2 boys had a total of two rounds in their favour over their opponents, producing a 16:13 finish and consequently securing the team a spot in the LAN finals in Kiev, Ukraine.

Team EnVyUs now await the loser of the Fnatic vs. HellRaisers match-up to take a shot at grabbing the third spot available from the European qualifier for StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3.

Image courtesy of G2 Esports


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