Rankings bug corrected

WarCraft 3 Jonatan “Mazor” Littke

Today we've cleared of a long lurking bug in the ranking calculation and the GosuBet system.

When the bug occured, two teams or two players who faced each other would both lose big amounts of points (up to around 60-70) even though one player was declared the winner.

We found out the cause of the bug, noticed it had been with us since the early days of GosuBet (June 2004) and eliminated it. It had affected around a 100 matches.

Once the points had been redistributed correctly, some changes in the current rankings occured. In particular, the changes affected the StarCraft gamer ranking, since this is the ranking that has the most individual matches added.

In general, most players in the top gained around 30-50 points that should have been theirs long earlier. This changed the top #1 of the ranking to both Mondragon and Strelok after Strelok had had the lead with two points.

WarCraft 3 and DotA was also slightly affected but no major changes have been observed as of now.

We also wish to mention that we are aware of a bug in the diagrams of the rankings profile. At this time, the points that are written in text (at the top of the profile) is the one that counts, not the diagram.

Thanks for your interest in the GosuGamers Rankings and thanks to all of you who helped us find the bug. If you find anything that looks suspicious, let us know by clicking About -> Contact or send a PM to synergis, GosuBet team leader.

All the best,

Jonatan “Mazor” Littke
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