Koth: TreK vs Mondragon

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King of the hill - InformationKing of the hill is played twice each month. A new challenger is chosen by GosuGamers Crew before every single game. The winner of each game is the current king and will face a new challenger next round. The games will be covered by replays and hopefully radio. The king who manages to win three times in a row gets a spot in the King - Hall of fame, and wins the season. It's currently season two and this is round two.
Round two - TreK vs MondragonWe will all gather in the channel #op Mazor-sG to follow this intresting round two of King of the hill. The first map to be played is, as usual, Neo Bifrost 2.0. After that the loser chooses one of the following maps. Each map may only be played once.

Dire Straits
Halls of Valhalla 2.0
Jungle Story 2.0
Legacy of Char 2.0
Neo Silent Vortex
Plains to hill

Date: Thursday, 23rd of July.
Time: 20.00 CET (18.00 GMT)
Gateway: Europe
Channel: op Mazor-sG

No using of bugs.
Replays must be saved.
Each map may only be played once.
No maphacking (!)
We'll see you there gamers! Enjoy!


With a few hours until start, the GosuGamers webserver went down. I was very close to prosponing the whole event, but then I managed to get a newspost at both WGTour.com and Swedish Gamingeye, and decided to proceed with the event even if the server were down. We started on time, and we broadcasted live English radio, non lagging and not much buffering. My friend from America came over to my place and we were commenting live from observer mode from the games. Unfortunateley, he plays mostly warcraft3 and compared the games with wc3 all the time. But his English > My English. Well, when he kept on calling reaver for snails, I decided to take over. In the fourth game we managed to bring in the Starcraft game sounds (digital sounds) into the radio which, by public opinion, made the radio funnier to listen to and easier to understand. Well, here are the results:

iG.TreK-PL > ToT)Mondragon(Neo Bifrost1-0» Replay
iG.TreK-PL < ToT)Mondragon(Legacy of char 21-1» Replay
iG.TreK-PL < ToT)Mondragon(Fet Dire Straits1-2» Replay
iG.TreK-PL < ToT)Mondragon(Halls of valhalla 21-3» Replay
iG.TreK-PL > ToT)Mondragon(Silent Vortex2-3» Replay
iG.TreK-PL > ToT)Mondragon(Plains to hill3-3» Replay
iG.TreK-PL > ToT)Mondragon(Jungle story 24-3» Replay

The first game started, a lot of lag since I was broadcasting radio but it worked out when the observers left. TreK won with marine & medic against Mondragon lurker, lings and hydralisk army. Second game, Mondragon chose Legacy of Char 2, which none of the players had played before. Mondragon won with offensive lurkers and mutalisk harrassment. Third game, TreK chose Dire Straits and we saw a 50 minutes carriers vs missile turrets, goliaths and battlecruisers which Mondragon won also. 2-1 to Mondragon now. The fourth game was played on Halls of valhalla. Mondragon won the game quite easy with some good mutalisk / hydralisk micro. Fifth game on Silent Vortex. TreK did one of this famous cheese strategies and built offensive dual rax and killed Mondragon with really impressive marine micro. 3-2 to Mondragon. Just a single win from Mondragon and the match would be settled. But it wasn't. Instead, TreK won the game on Plains to hill, and the match would be settled on a final game at Jungle Story v2. Mondragon decided to 6ling rush but TreK defended himself perfectly and won the game by dropping marine medics and had good economics during the whole game. I went crazy in the radio when trek almost killed Mondragon main with marines and medics with a good drop. Really good games from both players, we really enjoyed it. Congratulations TreK!. Another win by TreK and he will be in the Hall of Fame - King of the hill and the season will be ended. Next challenger? Not yet decided. Any favourites? Send a PM to me. Next live broadcast will be Sunday 20th 16.00 CET (14.00 GMT), #op Mazor-sG. See you there! GGs!