Cloud9 pick up Laser Kittenz roster

Overwatch Peggy “Moirai” Forde

The aquisition occurs just days before Overwatch Contenders Season One.

Cloud9 announced the signing of Laser Kittenz late Sunday night, with the team now playing under their banner as they compete in Overwatch Contenders Season One. According to Cloud9's website, the aquisition is labelled as Cloud9's EU team, while the original C9 team is still listed and one man short following Kaiser's return to RunAway.

"What Laser Kittenz were able to do in Season Zero grabbed everyone’s attention, myself included," Cloud9 Founder and CEO Jack Etienne said in the announcement on Cloud9's website. "From top to bottom the organization proved themselves committed to competition, devoting their talent and time to earning their place in Season One. I’m excited to welcome them to the Cloud9 family and we’re all looking forward to adding to their already long list of accomplishments."

Cloud9 most recently bought a London Overwatch League spot, becoming the eighth team in OWL and the only EU-based team in the league. 

Laser Kittenz's major claim to fame is their recent 3-4th place in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, where they only dropped one match against Misfits in the group stages and eventually fell to second-place eUnited in a 3:1 semifinal. The team consists of REUNITED, Bench Boys and Cyclone alumni. 

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