NGE Winter Premiere Group Phase 2 results: Team Liquid, Renegades eliminated, Immortals still at top

Overwatch Peggy “Moirai” Forde

Liquid dropped three positions and Renegades dropped one from Group Play Phase 1 to be knocked out of the tournament.

NGE's Winter Premiere tournament now has its top four, who will be advancing to the live LAN finals at PAX South: Immortals, Kungarna, compLexity and Luminosity Gaming.

Renegades and Team Liquid were eliminated within the first three matches of the final day of Group Play, yesterday.

Renegades had some luck on their side during the first map; Luminosity's Mineral suddenly disconnected during the match, which cost him his Sound Barrier. He was unable to charge up another one before Renegades took the third point. Luminosity and Renegades ended Hollywood in a draw a few minutes later.

Mangachu was a highlight for Renegades, and the viewers, ranking up multiple kills with lesser-used heroes like Hanzo, Pharah, Torbjorn and Mei. 

Hollywood, though, is where Renegades' luck ran out. They lost the series 1-2, sending them packing. They will have a good understanding on what to focus on for the future.

Team Liquid's fate was also sealed, when they lost to Immortals 2-1, on the third match of the final day of Group Play. Immortals, who had no problems advancing to the live finals, took a commanding lead on most Lijang Tower maps, including spawn camping Liquid at one point, to help secure their win and Liquid's demise. Team Liquid, while equal in points with LG, got kicked out due to their 0-2 loss against LG earlier on.

Kungarna secured their spot in the LAN finals in the first game yesterday, winning handily against compLexity Gaming, 2-0. Though compLexity tried a final stand on Eichenwalde, Kungarna overpowered the team to win the map and their spot in the live event at PAX South. We are excited to see how far Kungarna can make it, against some of these more established teams.

Team M W D L P
5 4 0 1 12
5 4 0 1 12
5 3 0 2 9
5 2 0 3 6
5 2 0 3 6
5 0 0 5 0
Matches and results

As the online portion now over, the live finals will take place at PAX South in the PAX Arena on January 27. With $100,000 on the line, and supported by Blizzard, we have high hopes for a worthwhile conclusion of the Winter Premiere. 

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