A Viewers Guide to King of Nordic Playoffs & Finals

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The King of Nordic event, featuring a $5,000 prizepool, will start and finish its final, playoffs stage today.

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After four qualifiers, played over the course of about a month, the teams that will be playing in the playoffs are set. The eight-team bracket is filled with veterans as well as newer rosters, and a total of $5,000 will be on the line today (with 80% going to first place)!


  • 08:00 EDT/11:00 PDT/17:00 CEST


As shown, the King of Nordic Cup has attracted quite a few hotshots. Misfits and Ninjas in Pyjamas are our current no.1 and no.2 of EU, and NWA has quickly climbed the rankings to top 5 over the past few weeks. Melty continues to put in more time, to make the new roster work (with mixed results), and Epiphany Bolt (the newly created roster made up of ex-Nordic Alpha) will face their biggest challenge yet in the Quarter-Finals.

As many matches will be streamed as time will allow, so tune in at 08:00 EDT/11:00 PDT/17:00 CEST for several hours of entertaining competitive Overwatch!

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