Monthly GosuRanking Review: European Edition (September)

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September was a busy month for Europe, with events such as 3 GosuGamers weeklies, the Lenovo Cup and the Overwatch Open. The top European teams were not shy about showing off their skills. Let's see where everyone ended up once the dust settled. 

Ranking Review: August

September was a busy month for European Overwatch, with a bunch of events like the Lenovo Cup, our weekly tournaments and the Overwatch Open taking place. While most of the top North American teams preferred to practice in secret for the largest Overwatch tournament to date, the top European teams were not nearly as shy. This month saw a huge shake up for Europe, with almost every team in a different place than they were in August. Let’s take a look at how Europe ended the month of September.

1st Misfits (+2)

Overwatch Open - 1st Place Finish
Lenovo Cup - 3rd Place

After an impressive summer of climbing up the ranks little by little, Misfits shot up from 3rd to 1st this month. After a good bronze medal showing at the Lenovo Cup, losing to eventual champions Ninjas in Pyjamas, the French-Swedish mixed team came out swinging at the Overwatch Open. After getting out of a difficult group featuring Rogue and Luminosity, they dominated the bracket stage. They got revenge against NiP, beating them 3-1 in the semifinals. In the European finals they faced off against Rogue in one of the best series in Overwatch to date, beating them in five games. The grand final was all Misfits, as they cruised to a 3-1 victory over EnVyUs to win the largest Overwatch tournament held so far. This team earned first after the month they had.

2nd Rogue (-)

Overwatch Open - 3rd/4th Place Finish
GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly EU #18 - 1st Place

Another French-Swedish mixed team, rogue holds steady for a second consecutive month. They had a relatively quiet September. Other than winning our European weekly #18, they preferred to practice in private for the Overwatch Open. It seemed to have paid off, they dominated their group and made it to the European final. Once there, however, it all fell apart. They were defeated in a heart breaking series against misfits, losing games 4 and 5 by only one second each. Despite the disappointment, this team remains one of Europe’s elite.

3rd Ninjas in Pyjamas (+4)

Lenovo Cup - 1st Place
GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly EU #19 - 1st Place

After teasing us with flashes of brilliance for so long, the Finnish Phenoms have finally lived up to their potential and cemented their place among Europe’s best. They had a very busy September, kicking off the month by dominating their group at the Lenovo Cup with a 9-1 map score. They went on to win that tournament from the lower bracket after being swept by Reunited in winners’ round 1. They further showcased their new form by winning our European weekly #19 without dropping a single game. The Overwatch open looked to be more of the same, however they were defeated in the semifinals by Misfits. Look for this team to continue their new found form in October.

4th Reunited (-3)

Lenovo Cup - 2nd Place

The deposed King of Europe has fallen to fourth after a disappointing September for the former Juggernauts. They started off the month strong, making a run to the finals of our European Weekly #18 and the Lenovo Cup. At the Overwatch Open, however, something went wrong. The team was bounced out of the largest tournament to date in the group stage. They will have to improve if they want to reclaim their crown next month.

5th Team Dignitas (-1)

Formerly known as Creation eSports, the perennial top 4 finishers have fallen from 4th to 5th. They squeaked out of their group at the Lenovo Cup and lost in the first round of the lower bracket to a surging Ninjas in Pyjamas. They went on to the Overwatch Open and were eliminated in the group stage. While they improved as the month went on, they were still underperforming. Look for this team to try to recapture their old form next month.

6th Luminosity Gaming (-1)

Coming in at #6 is Luminosity. The Nordic core had a busy month, competing in our European weeklies #18 and #20, making it to the final of the latter. They also had an impressive showing at the Lenovo Cup, easily escaping their group. The bracket stage saw their luck run out, however, and they were eliminated after losing to Misfits and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Overwatch Open saw them get a second try at Misfits, this time in the group stage. Again they lost and they were eliminated from the tournament. Overall it was a good month for the relative new comers.

7th Ninjas With Attitude (new)

The Gauntlet - 1st Place
GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly EU #20 - 1st Place

Led by former FaZe members Veinless and Evokje, this upstart team had a very impressive month. They made their debut in our European Weekly #20, winning the entire tournament without dropping a game. They also made a deep run in our North American Weekly #20, finishing 5-6th. They followed these performances by winning The Gauntlet Overwatch Cup, beating LDLC in a tight 5 game series. While the sample size for this team is small, it is promising. Look for more from them in October.

8th ANOX Overwatch (-2)

Rounding out the top 8 is ANOX. The mainly Eastern European team, led by Quake legends Cooler and Cypher, has cooled off after an impressive August. They were knocked out of the Lenovo Cup in the group stage after winning only one map and were similarly eliminated from the Overwatch Open after going winless in groups. This team will need to bounce back in October and show they deserve to be among Europe’s best.

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