Reminder: Sign ups are open for this weekend's Overwatch Weeklies with $2,000+ on the line

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Our North American and European Weeklies returned last week and to our delight, they proved just as exciting as they've always been. Now we're getting right back in the swing of things and opening registration for this weeks tournaments. 

It’s that time again, sign-ups for the GosuGamers’ North American and European weeklies are now open. Last week saw the return of our popular tournament series and even featured a new format. That format will continue to be used, if you missed the announcement you can find it here. Our first tournaments this month were won by Rogue (EU) and LW Red (NA) if you missed any of the exciting action, check out our recap and VODs here.

As always our awesome sponsors (Matcherino, Ting and OWKings) are here to help out with the prize pool. Thanks to their help we will be able to give away $2,000+ this weekend in prize money. You can find the Matcherino pages for the NA and EU tournaments here and here, respectively. 

Donator messages

We got a few interesting messages last week from fans who donated on matcherino to increase the prize pool.

  • Seeing a cast with Hex and Mitch, makes we want to smack a.... my lips cuz that's a tasty Cast!” – TheBlevins
  • When Reaper wants to change the color of his hair does he DYE DYE DYE it” – Flapjackjackson
  • Soldier 76 is hired as chief web designer because he gets everyone in his sites.” –TheSwavman

Looking to register for one or both of the weeklies this weekend? Learn the important dates and place to register below:

GosuGamers Overwatch Weeklies EU

  • Saturdays at 09 PDT / 12 EDT / 18 CEST
  • Stage 1 – 128 teams, Single Elim, bo1 until top 8
  • Stage 2 – 16 teams, Double Elim, 8 pre-seeded and 8 stage 1 teams.
  • One Hero Limit
  • Played on EU Server but teams from any region may enter

Register for the EU weekly here.

GosuGamers Overwatch Weeklies NA

  • Saturdays at 12 PDT / 15 EDT / 21 CEST
  • Stage 1 – 128 teams, Single Elim, bo1 until top 8
  • Stage 2 – 16 teams, Double Elim, 8 pre-seeded and 8 stage 1 teams.
  • One Hero Limit
  • Played on NA server but teams from any region may enter

Register for the NA weekly here.

So if you’re an unknown team looking to break out or experienced veterans looking for a competitive outlet, sign up for our weeklies. Last week proved that you really never know what’s going to happen in our tournaments until they start, but one thing has been constant, they never disappoint!

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow us @GosuOverwatch.


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