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The final weekend of the Overwatch Open EU qualifiers has just concluded. Missed what happened? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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The qualifiers for FACEIT & ELEAGUE’s $300,000 tournament have been going on for a while now, and late Sunday evening the group stages finished. This was the 4th weekend of the first phase in the Overwatch Open. Before this final week, three top EU teams already managed to qualify: Misfits, Rogue and Reunited.

During Saturday evening, the first half of the last qualifier bracket took place. We saw some not so unexpected games, with for example Creation and Luminosity both advancing to the second day. We also saw one upset, when world ranked 20 Melty beat ranked 14 NIP in a 2-0 set of games.

Sunday brought the final games of the EU qualifier, where we had some really interesting games between Creation and Immortals in the first semifinal. During the first map on Kings Row, Creation tried some different heroes, but did not manage to break Immortals’ defense. On the second map, Shadowburn on Genji did some MASSIVE work, which eventually helped Immortals take the series 2-0.

The second semifinal brought us Luminosity (ex-2sTroNk) vs. Melty eSports Club, with Melty still needing to show that they are a top contender for the EU region. They had their moments, but LG managed to take a pretty comfortable win, and we saw another semifinal 2-0 victory.

Then it was time for the final BO5! It started off interesting in the map drafts already, with the teams picking really... odd map choices. After that, Luminosity took a pretty quick 2-0. But, Immortals looked pretty strong on the two following maps, taking 6 king of the hill rounds in a row, making the series 2-2. After a nerve-racking, really close game on Temple of Anubis, Luminosity managed to hold the first point of the last round resulting in their eventual victory! This means Luminosity is the 4th team that qualifies directly for the next (group)stage.

It’s not only the 4 qualifier winners that go through to the “Qualifier Playoffs” as it’s called, however. Every week, the top 32 teams have also been gathering ranking points depending on what round they reached. The 12 teams who got the most points, the best of the rest so to say, have also qualified for the September 25th - September 29th week. 

So, from the EU region, joining Misfits, Rogue, Reunited and now finally Luminosity will be these teams:

  • Creation (58 points)
  • ANOX (38 points)
  • NiP (38 points)
  • Immortals (38 points)
  • Melty (32 points)
  • Bringos (24 points)
  • Prets (24 points)
  • OWKings (20 points)
  • b.fly (12 points)

Currently, it is not known which other teams (besides the listed nine) will take the final spots because of roster changes and teams being tied for 12th place. We will make sure to update you when we get confirmation, and wish all teams good luck in the next chapter of the Overwach Open!

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