SC2: The Siege tank has been redesigned

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

The seventh Q&A batch is out. This time Karune told us they have redesigned the Siege tank, and that we will see it at BlizzCon. This, plus a lot of other stuff.


In the seventh batch of answers on the user questions, we find out that the siege tank has been redesigned, in response to all the fan feedback. It now has a much more powerful look to it, which will be shown at BlizzCon 2007. Previously the community has said that the siege tank looks too 'toyish' and plastic.

We also get to know that the hot keys for StarCraft II are not finalized yet, hence there was no answer on the question whether there will be a ctrl-a key stroke to select all your units on screen.

To all the StarCraft music lovers out there, Blizzard says that there will mostly be new theme songs similar to the original faction music. Further they say that the music is still in the works, and that a reprise of the original songs is something they do not rule out. Something that has changed, however, is Hallucination. Currently a High Templar ability, in the developing version of StarCraft II, Hallucination is a Star Relic ability.

Finally, Karune says that the StarCraft II Fan Site kit will be released somewhere around BlizzCon.

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