SC2: Super Play reveals new Terran units *

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

Swedish magazine Super Play had an exclusive look at the new StarCraft 2 game. In it, they show a bunch of new Terran units. How about a Viking Fighter, Thor and the Sensor Dome?

It was in Super Play where there was an article about StarCraft 2. Apparently the writers of the Swedish gaming magazine got an exclusive look on the game. In the article they say that the Protoss race was the only race they got to play, but they were also shown a couple of Terran units, shown below.


"Twilight Archon: Sacrifice two Dark Templars and booyah! You have the bad ass Twilight Archon - but you probably knew that already."

"High Templar: Recognize this one, mayhap?"

"Dark Templar: Damn Dark Templar! The second game was over after exactly 15 minutes when a German ran in to my base with tre invisible Dark Templars and killed most of it. I didn't have time to build an Overseer that can detect invisible units."


"Marine: StarCraft wouldn't be anything without its Marines, which are the backbone in the Terran armada."

"Planetary Fortress: Terran head quarters can be upgraded to Planetary Fortress. It is a head quarter with one hell of a defense weapon on top."

"Thor: The phattest new guy's name is Thor and has his name from the god of thunder. One of these babies can take down a base on his own."

"Sensor Dome: With one of these sensors you can see enemy units on the map even if they move over undiscovered areas."

"Ghost: Yep. The Ghost is there, again."


"Say hello to the Terran's own transformer. The viking can change shape from an airplane to a walking robot. Really nice if you fly to an enemy base and gets attack by an air force."

"Supply Depot: New in the earthlings base is a building that can pack itself up and be lowered down below the surface so your units may pass over it. It works nice as a first obstacle at your base in an early stage."

Keep in mind that this is from a magazine, but Super Play has a good reputation in Sweden, and are often invited to exclusive previews like these ones. And if you take a look at previous screenshots, you find some of these new units in them, such as the Sensor Drone, and Thor.

UPDATE: Karune, Blizzard Representative of SC2, confirms the above:
"Just to confirm, these units revealed are official units that are being tested and played with in the current version of StarCraft II. Feel free to speculate, but always know that there is more information about all of these units, that'll be released over the coming months.

In the words of Dustin, "Nothing you see here is FINAL."

Enjoy :)"

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