SC2: Protoss Stargate revealed

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

More and more StarCraft 2 content is being revealed these days. Now, the Protoss Stargate has been made public for you to feast your eyes on.

Last time we saw the Phoenix enter the list of Protoss units and buildings. Now we get to see the Stargate, along with a cool screenshot. "The warships of the Protoss fleet require a much stronger warp link in order to materialize than a standard gateway can provide. The immense stargate is capable of calling ships from high orbit or across immense distances to appear on a planet surface, can be read at the site.

sc2protosstargate2.jpgThe Stargate so far only allows the Phoenix to warp through - though more are expected to come soon. Will the Mothership be warped in from the Stargate? Time will tell.

Also, the after-action report of Flight Sergeant Aaron Keebler implies the rapidity with the protoss stargate.
It was a small outpost: a nexus, assimilator, and a couple of gateways. Commander didn't want to risk marines against the cannons they had dug in on the cliffs so me and the boys got brought in for a little death from above. First raid, we got a bunch of them little worker probes and lit up the pylons powering the cannon. They tore us up pretty bad, though, so we headed back for repairs.

By the time we came back, it'd all changed. Two big stargates were there, and Protoss flyers were popping out of those big hoops like bees from a hive. We got hit every which way, and I only made it home on one engine and half a wing. Couple of minutes later, protoss air hit our base hard; I'm starting to think they only let me get away so they could follow me back...

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