GosuGamers - recent changes

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf
Much like Valve's Dota 2, GosuGamers is a work in progress. The site you are visiting right now is not by any means the final product. We will continue to keep polishing details, fixing glitches and adding new features. As most of you noticed by now, the premiere for our new site was Friday 17th May. Since then we've been adding some additional things:
  • Forums - we now have our forums back on track, all old threads imported
  • Work with us - it is possible now to apply for a position at GosuGamers​


Certain things have also received hot fixes, such as

  • The Replay option was missing from the navigation for DotA(1) and StarCraft 2
  • Event Coverages not loading properly
  • Comments not loading properly
  • A query preventing us from opening a bet that's live and move it further ahead
  • Fixing broken html on GosuBets and archived GosuBet pages
  • All play.gosugamers.net links are now refering to www.gosugamers.net


These are just some of the changes and fixes that we have in store. Certain functions, such as Previous Encounters on match page will also be back up in the future. Stay tuned to GosuGamers for more updates!

Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf
<p>Linus Staaf - former operations manager at GosuGamers.&nbsp;Started following eSports in 2009, responsible for the GGnet database 2009-2015. Film and music enthusiast and a firm believer that longer songs are better. Always finish&nbsp;what I sta - follow @Tjernobylbarnet</p>