GosuGamers is back!

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

After more than a day of work, we're happy to be back online, bringing you the new and improved GosuGamers.net. An article on the new features will come later but for now, let's give the GG.net we love a hearty welcome back.

As most of you know (and as our downtime page conveniently pointed out), this is the biggest change GosuGamers has undergone since it was founded. We've come a long way and with the growth came the need of a drastic improvement. And said drastic improvement is finally here.

Every part of Version 2 of GG.net is designed in such way as to provide the most interactive eSports coverage available. The improved GosuBets and matchticker will not only alert you of recent results but also give you links to the stream and VODs so that everything is one click away. Coverage hubs have been improved, player profiles have grown prettier and the news space has been widened to give our editors an easier time bringing you the best articles possible. Also, this is the end of screenshots of tournament results within the articles as the new system will embed groups and brackets alike so that readers can click their way around and consume the coverage in the easiest way possible.

Of course, this is not all that the new GG.net has to offer and we will bring you a full update and guide through our new features. Stay tuned!