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The second groupstage of WePlay Dota 2 tournament will begin this weekend at 15:00 CET. The WB and LB finalist will qualify for WePlay Dota 2 tournament playoffs.

Starting with 32 team a month ago, only 16 remain in WePlay Dota 2 tournament after the first groupstage and the second groupstage will follow next weekend.

The 16 qualified teams have been placed into four groups of four and will be playing the in a best-of-three.

The groups will be played in GSL-style, which means there will be a double elimination in each group. The winner bracket finalist and the loser bracket finalist will qualify for WePlay's playoffs later in the year.

Similar to the first groupstage, two groups will be played each weekend. Group A will be played on the 13th of April while Group B will follow the next day. The same goes for Group C and Group D on the following weekend. WePlay will begin at 15:00 CEST every weekend.

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WePlay second groupstage
Group AGroup B

Group CGroup D

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Selected games will be covered by BeyondTheSummit. All the VODs for the first groupstage are available in our event page below.

Check link for brackets, VODs and full standings