TheToughBananas picked up by MYM

General Sovann “Skim” Kim
Only a week after parting ways with Copenhagen Wolves, The Tough Bananas have found themselves under a new tag.

It was only a matter of time until MeetYourMakers would make a comeback into the scene. With legendary players and lineups, MYM has a rich past in the world of DotA and The Tough Bananas are expected to write history once again for the now German powerhouse.

The roster has had some changes though, as opposed to their registered roster in the StarLadder group stage. German player Marcel 'Atze' Binz is now officially part of the team, as well as Sylvester 'LINK' Hoelgaard. LINK was supposed to leave for army duty and planned on making a comeback with MonkeyBusiness, a plan which fell apart.
He will probably still leave for the army, but MYM is prepared for that. Max 'qojqva' Broecker is listed as a sixth player for MYM.
This also means that Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther will not stay with MYM, although he will finish the StarLadder Starseries with them, due to tournament regulations.

Captain Alexander 'CalculuS' Rathcke:
"I can talk for the entire team, when i say that we are really happy to be able to play under this prestigious esport tag. It feels great knowing you have such a great organisation behind you, and we are looking forward to see how far we can go. We will practise hard and do everything we can to live up to the name that we are now representing. Watch out for us! Thanks to Razer and Western Digital for the support!"

MYM have shown great perfomances as of late, defeating Natus Vincere in a convincing manner and most likely placing in the top eight of the StarLadder group stage.

MeetYourMakers Roster:
Denmark Alexander 'Calculus' Rathcke (Captain)
Denmark Andreas 'Balsam' Løchte
Denmark Sylvester 'LINK' Hoelgaard
Germany Angelo 'THEneNo' Caula Gonzalez
Germany Marcel 'Atze' Binz
Germany Max 'qojqva' Broecker

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