GEST: Four teams eliminated after round 1 - MSIEvo GT out

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

Pacific.Palit, Dreamz, G7 and iZone advance to the next round. Unfortunately that also means Neolution.PH, Deperruku, Alive.Alacrity aswell as MSIEvo GT are eliminated.

First match to end was G7 versus Alive.Alacrity who had such a good run in the groupstage. They went through the qualifiers and went on to tie for first place in their group. But in the end they lost to Neolution in the tiebreaker and were forced to play the first round of playoffs (winner advanced straight to round 2). Here, their good run was cut short by G7 who played a great game. G7 advances further and will go up against Pacific.Emaxx next.

iZone showed why they are the champions and won over MSIEvo GT after some problems with MSI's wombo combo potential. Once again IZONE picked up Shadow Fiend, a hero they have been using to a great effect and he managed to both farm up faster than MSI's Dragon Knight aswell as outcarry him.

It did not go quite as well for Deperruku's Shadow Fiend against LedionDreamz. JuLz picked Queen of Pain for himself and had a tremendous game, ending with the default Queen of Pain items (atleast if you are from the Philippines); Aghanims, Ethereal Blade and Dagon make her even more of an efficient burster than Morphling is.

Pacific.Palit claimed the victory in the last round 1 match where they beat fellow their countrymen of That is all for the first round of today and the next one will begin very soon.

GEST September
07:00: Round 1
Philippines Pacific.Palit 1 - 0 Philippines NeolutionPH Replay!
Philippines Dreamz 1 - 0 Indonesia Deperruku Replay!
Thailand Alive.Alacrity 0 - 1 Myanmar G7 Replay!
Philippines iZone 1 - 0 Philippines MSIEvo GT Replay!
09:00: Round 2
Thailand Neolution vs Philippines Pacific.Palit Bet!
Thailand iDeal vs Philippines Dreamz Bet!
Philippines Pacific.Emaxx vs Myanmar G7 Bet!
Cambodia SVR_ES vs Philippines iZone Bet!

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