Fnatic brushes aside Curse in IEM opener

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The first match of IEM GamesCom was a pretty busy one, with the 2-0 scoreline slightly flattering Fnatic.
Fnatic opened up with a pretty offensive composition, including the most successful champion from last week's IPL Face Off, Corki. But it was Curse who started with an aggressive invasion of their opponent's jungle. Still, first blood went to Fnatic and the gold was dead even after 10 minutes. S0az was dominating the top lane with Jayce, however, and took a pretty quick tower kill. Curse started to build up their tanky champions like Mundo and Shen, and they took the gold lead after a fight around the baron. 3-0 Morgana just demolished Fnatic, but Curse opted to take an inhibitor instead of going for Baron. That decision came back to punish them, as the freshly respawned Fnatic picked up four kills and a Baron buff thanks to some great coordination. A triple kill for Corki shortly afterwards extended Fnatic's new lead, and a second Baron buff put them out of reach.

Cure unsurprisingly banned Jayce for game two, but Fnatic still came out strong. A skirmish around the bottom river gave Fnatic's Ezreal a 2-0 advantage before laning had even begun. His team-mates pressed that advantage, and 10 minutes later Fnatic were up 6-2 in kills. Olaf got the first for Curse, though, making the gold difference a mere 800. As the game started to reach its middle stages, Fnatic started to pull away. 3,000 gold up after 20 minutes and with better map control thanks to more turret kills, they won a team fight that allowed them to take Baron around the 30 minute mark. The game slowed down for a while then, with Curse managing to take the next Baron. But they were still down by about 7,000 and the next Baron was hotly contested. A long fight eventually went in favour of Fnatic and so did the Baron and the game.

With that 2-0 win, Fnatic will face the winner of M5 vs EloHell in the next round.

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