$30,000 ProDota2 league takes on The World

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Boasting to be the first of its kind, ProDota2 has unveiled a brand new online league inviting teams from all over the world. The tournament will be split into three regions - America, Europe and Asia - with a total of $30,000 in cash awarded out at the end of its first season.

To allow the entry of amateur teams into the scene, the league will be hosting a $10,000 non-pro league alongside its main league featuring a prize pool of $20,000. Eight teams from each region totalling twenty four teams worldwide will be competing in the pro league beginning 13 April 2012.

Currently, the list of confirmed invited teams stands as follows:

ProDota2 Pro League
United States ComplexityUkraine Na`ViAustralia Absolute Legends
United States It's GosuRussia Moscow FiveMalaysia Orange eSports
United States Evil GeniusesDenmark QuanticSingapore Zenith
United States HallyuUkraine DTSThailand MitH.Trust
United States Inclement GamingSweden CLGVietnam StarsBoba
United States FabioGermany MousesportsChina CLC
United States Captain PlanetOther Qualifier #1China DK
United States Qualifier #1Other Qualifier #2Malaysia MUFC

Organisers are looking to add Mineski and DK into the mix for Asia, although discussions are still underway. Nevertheless, the other two regions will feature qualifiers to determine the last few teams to be added.

The league will be a best of two round robin system, with the top three teams emerging from both Europe and Asia while two teams will advance from America to enter the playoffs.

Starting us off next Friday, 13 April, will be the first qualifier for Europe. Darer will play Western Wolves at 17:00 CET while Dignitas plays Epidemic later at 18:00 CET. Two of these four teams will then play for the first qualifier slot in a best of three showdown at 19:00 CET.

As always, an English stream will be set up to cover the entire tournament so do listen out for TobiWan's stream when the tournament goes live.

American teams may still register for that last qualifier slot. Check the following information page for more details.

DK and MUFC claim the remaining two slots for the Asian region. Read their respective statements here.

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