EHOME win consolidation final versus Scythe

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
After almost five full days of intense Dota2, the two champions of the grand final are finally known. With EHOME just winning the loser bracket final against Scythe, the clash between Ukraine and China for $1.000.000 is set to commence.

Loser Bracket, Final
Game #1
China EHOMESingapore Scythe
lich EH.GIGABYTE.820
tidehunter EH.GIGABYTE.357
storm spirit EH.GIGABYTE.X!!
venomancer Scythe.hyhy
earthshaker Scythe.lovequinny
anti mage Scythe.Chawy
chen Scythe.iceiceice
pugna Scythe.xy-
Game #2
Singapore ScytheChina EHOME
venomancer Scythe.hyhy
lion Scythe.lovequinny
faceless void Scythe.Chawy
ancient aparition Scythe.iceiceice
windrunner Scythe.xy-
anti mage EH.GIGABYTE.820
beastmaster EH.GIGABYTE.PLT
lich EH.GIGABYTE.357
Game #3
China EHOMESingapore Scythe
anti mage EH.GIGABYTE.820
venomancer EH.GIGABYTE.357
doom bringer EH.GIGABYTE.PLT
clockwerk EH.GIGABYTE.X!!
shadow fiend Scythe.hyhy
earthshaker Scythe.lovequinny
potm Scythe.Chawy
chen Scythe.iceiceice
windrunner Scythe.xy-

The International's loser bracket final went over three games, from which only the first developed serious tension. As EHOME were mostly able to capitalize on their strong mid-game heroes, Scythe only managed to win the second game and leave the tournament as third, taking home $125.000.

With the largest amount of prize money for a first-place finish on the line, EHOME now will finally have the chance to play Na`Vi for the first time in history.