Worlds: RNG 3-1 against Fnatic, move on to face SKT in semis

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford

Misfits fought hard against SKT but fell short in the end. Europe's last hope,Fnatic, faced an uphill struggle against RNG.

Fnatic and Royal Never Give up had a hell of a series to live up to after yesterday’s epic but the action started early, with Broxah’s Gragas setting up first blood. Multiple kills followed but RNG took the first substantial lead with first tower gold in top lane, only to have it equalised immediately. The teams continued to trade objectives heading into the mid-game, and a 3-2 tower lead meant a  small gold lead for the Europeans. The game finally opened up 25 minutes in, when RNG picked off two Fnatic players and secured baron. Fnatic held onto their base and even caught out Xiaohu’s Ryze, but a pair of kills for RNG led to a second baron and a 10k lead. Eventually, after a third baron, RNG was able to take down the nexus, with all ten players still alive.

Fnatic locked in Vayne for game two, and another early gank from Broxah got Rekkles going early on. RNG answered back immediately and took a lead with first tower gold. RNG continued to make plays but was unable to stamp their authority on the game. Fnatic took advantage of their opponents overextending, picking up a 7-2 kill lead and a decent 2k gold lead. An easy baron went Fnatic’s way 26 minutes in and they seemed to be in full control. Towers fell, and by the time the buff wore up, Fnatic was ahead by over 7000 gold. MLXG stole the second baron to buy his team some time and then RNG was able to sneak away the third baron as well. The Chinese team put their foot to the floor from there, and powered through the Fnatic base for the comeback victory.

RNG got the better of the draft for game three and it was MLXG’s Jarvan who dominated the early game. He set-up first blood nine minutes in, putting Uzi’s Kog’maw in a great spot. Fnatic tried to go middle and take a tower but RNG easily cleared the minions and secured first tower for themselves in the bottom lane. RNG continued to press their advantage, slowly but inevitably extending their lead. A free baron was not quite the final nail in the coffin and, after a tense base defence, Fnatic snuck a baron of their own to keep the game going. The game started to get extremely messy from there, and Fnatic revelled in it, winning the scrappy team fights, taking down inhibitors and neutralizing RNG’s gold lead. Now it was Fnatic’s turn to be narrowly denied in their opponent's base but eventually, finally, they closed the game out with almost an hour on the clock.

Game four started as game three ended, with Fnatic in the ascendancy. Broxah’s Sejuani picked up first blood and first tower gold put them 2k ahead after 12 minutes. The Chinese team fought back during a Fnatic tower dive, picking up multiple kills and narrowing the gold gap, but Soaz and co took a 3-0 tower lead to maintain dominance. The game stalled out from there, with neither team willing to commit to a baron until Fnatic eventually forced it, trading the buff for a single death on Caps. RNG answered back with an elder drake and looked for a team fight. They found one moments later and lived up to their billing as one of the best team fighting teams in the world. RNG fought their way into the semi-final with Uzi’s Twitch spewing out absurd amounts of damage.

Michael “Zechs_” Radford
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