EU LCS: G2 are champions again

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford

The final of the Summer Split came down to G2 vs Misfits. Both teams were qualified for Worlds, but only one would go as top seed.

It’s been a difficult year for G2 epsorts, and yet they found themselves in the grand final of the Summer Split, playing for top seed at Worlds. Not only that, but they entered as favourites. Better yet, they were in the running for a record-breaking fourth split in a row. Misfits stood in their way, a resurgent team who have seemingly saved their best form until it really matters. Would that be enough to upset the defending LCS champions?

Maxlore’s Sejunai did her best to begin that upset by putting a lot of pressure on Perkz’s Leblanc in the early game. But it was 17 minutes before first blood occurred, and it went the way of Powerofevil. It was immediately traded back as part of an extended skirmish in top lane, however, and the gold lead was minimal for Misfits. Indeed, the lead lasted almost no time, as another melée just minutes later went significantly in G2’s favour. Two dragons and a two tower lead put the defending champions in the ascendancy and superior map play saw G2 pick up an inhibitor and a kill, denying Misfits a baron attempt. Yet another team fight win was enough to close out the game just before the clock hit 40 minutes.

Game two was similarly slow in the early stages, and it was Maxlore’s Rengar who secured the first kill 12 minutes in, ulting behind Perkz’s tower to put his team a thousand gold up. That kill was quickly cancelled out and a four-man roam to the bottom lane picked up two more kills for G2, but skirmishes broke out all over the map, going mostly in favour of Misfits, growing their lead.. G2 rallied in the mid game, though, taking pick after pick, before eventually taking drown the baron and picking up even more kills. Perkz’s Lucian was a monster and Misfits had no answer, going down 2-0 within minutes of the baron’s death.

Han Sama’s Draven made a rare appearance for the third game but Perkz was the ad carry with the greatest impact in the early game, picking up a solo kill for first blood on his Lucian. But Misfits countered with two kills of their own, and were ahead on CS in both solo lanes. They took down the first tower soon after, and had a 2.5k lead to call their own. A bad call to fight around mid lane put G2 back in contention, as Misfits gifted them a couple of kills and a tower. Draven finally cashed in as the game approached 25 minutes, and Misfits at last looked like they were going to take a game. A successful fight around the baron pit changed that, however, giving multiple kills to G2, on top of two towers, an inhibitor and the buff itself. That was it for Misfits, who were unable to fight back, and ended up losing the match moments later.


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Michael “Zechs_” Radford
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