NA LCS: TSM Back on Form After Beating CLG

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford

TSM rediscovered their form at the perfect time to put an end to their rival's undefeated streak.

Team Solo Mid’s Summer Split has got off to a fairly inauspicious start so far. After losing just three matches in the entire Spring Split, they had already lost two going into their game against Counter Logic Gaming. For the first time in a while, the TSM-CLG derby was going to mean something.
It started badly for TSM, and after a one-sided first game going in favour of CLG, it looked as though TSM’s dip in form would become a rut. But if game one was one-sided in CLG’s favour, game two was a hammering from TSM. Svenskeren’s Lee Sin went a ridiculous 13/0/12, with only Bjergsen ahead of him in gold (but behind in kill participation). After two comfortable games, one for either side, it was seemingly written in the stars that game three would be a close one.
CLG started game three with first blood and first turret after a brawl broke out in the bottom lane about 10 minutes in. They followed it up with another single pick, this time on Doublelift’s Ashe,  and eventually the first dragon. The game continued to be hectic, with TSM taking three kills in a row less than five minutes later, grabbing their first turret and taking a small gold lead. The teams continued to trade kills while TSM pulled ahead little by little, despite an even kill score, TSM dictated when and where the fights happened and used that to take down towers. Finally, just before the half hour, TSM won a fight that tore the game open, giving them access to baron and a 5,000 gold lead.
Just when TSM looked to be pulling away, CLG pounced. They caught four members of TSM without Hauntzer’s Renekton and took two kills before he could complete his teleport. Death timers were long by now, and Svenskeren and Biofrost did all they could to keep minions out of their base. It was an impossible task, but just when CLG were pushing onto the nexus turrets, Sven’s Lee Sin hit the perfect Dragon’s Rage to interrupt the attack. It bought exactly enough time for his team mates to respawn and complete the ace, leaving them free to walk down mid and end the game.
Despite the defeat, CLG still sit atop the NA LCS at 3-1, tied with three other teams: Dignitas, Immortals and Team Envyus. Envy have surprised everyone this split. After narrowly avoiding relegation in Spring, they have already racked up the three wins they got in the entirety of the previous Split. They even put paid to Immortal’s undefeated run this season, only losing to fellow 3-1 team Dignitas so far.
Phoenix 1 continue to struggle early on and have yet to post a win. Even fellow relegation candidates Team Liquid manage to beat them and Flyquest finally took their first win of the season against the 0-4 team. It’s still early in the Split, but things already looking grim for Ryu and co.

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Michael “Zechs_” Radford

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