LCK Summer 2016: Week 6 Recap

LoL Charles “KingsDecree” Perez

(Courtesy of OGN)

You okay over there SKT?


MVP vs. LZ
MVP, the previously challenger team, continues to impress in week 6. The shotcalling, the picks, the mechanical play: all fantastic. Both games started out with the all star jungler, Beyond, picking up numerous kills during ganks. His early game pressure is phenomenal and matched only by a few. Game 1 however would not have the smoothest transition to the mid game. Longzhu did well to stack drakes and capitalize on MVP’s mistakes. Come late game though, it’s all about that split second shotcalling to take it all. MVP simply beat LZ to the punch at Baron. Get there first, or not at all.
Similarly in Game 2, MVP did well early only to loosen the reigns some time later. When they tried to start a Baron, they were only met with destruction at the hands of the deadly Vlad and Rumble wombo combo. Like before, MVP didn’t let a setback get them down. They took the initiative at Elder and steamrolled Longzhu even under a turret.


KT Rolster vs. Jin Air Greenwings
Those poor casters. Before the games even started they had to fill hours of time on the stream with only themselves and a piece of paper to play hangman on. Not to mention the first game not only had more pauses, but had over 70 minutes of gameplay. Oof, talk about painful. Thankfully the match itself was quite entertaining, plenty of brawling to be had for all. Throughout the entire game KT had a rather nice lead, not through gold, but through map control in particular. Despite this, come major teamfight time they didn’t hold up to the Greenwings.
Continuing their stellar map control, KT pretty much ended Game 2 at only 20 minutes with an early Baron into massive drake stacking. Even with the better team fighting, JAG couldn’t overcome the unstoppable stat advantage.
KT’s early presence continued to dominate in the deciding match, only this time they chose a composition that didn’t rely on teamplay. All it took was a good Ashe arrow to catch some pleb out of position for the series win.


Afreeca Freecs vs. MVP
The first game is all about those Freecs. Excellent objective control led to a sizable lead. Then, with the brawl heavy Vlad, AF were able to wipe out MVP under their own inhibitor turret.
Game 2 is like a homage to seasons past: big Gnar ults from a carry toplaner. MVP’s ADD did just that. On multiple occasions he was able to completely turn around team fights with some of the best multi man ultis in recent history. Off the nice lead provided, MVP took the series to a 3rd and final match.
While ADD and Beyond are great carries for the MVP lineup, there still some things you just can’t carry. That something is their ADC. Even on the kiting queen Ashe, he still would be caught wildly out of position not only giving up the damage, but his team’s engage as well. It’s too bad MVP succumbed to such silliness despite an otherwise well fought series.


SK Telecom vs. Ever
Eh, not the greatest series by SKT. Even though they did well to fight back across the matches, they weren’t their usual aggressive selves. They let Ever run away with the games. It really didn't help that they let Bless, Ever’s jungler, take the dominating Gragas multiple times even after he destroyed SKT on it. Though the series went to 3 games, Ever looked like the far superior team this time around.


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