EU CS Finals: Huma vs Copenhagen Wolves

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Game One


Bans: Poppy, Twisted Fate, Nidalee
Picks: Nautilus, Elise, Corki, Lucian, Bard

Copenhagen Wolves

Bans: Lulu, Kalista, Quinn
Picks: Fiora, Gragas, Lissandra, Sivir, Braum

Coming into the pick-and-ban phase, Huma made sure to ban out both Mike “Wickd” Petersen’s and Marc Robert “Caedral” Lamont’s number one pick – Poppy and Twisted Fate. What was really surprising, however, was Huma prioritizing Lucian. Copenhagen Wolves made sure to counter the Lucian pick by following up with champions that have heavy crowd-control.

As Wickd’s Fiora pick was revealed, many worried that history may repeat himself due to him having a poor performance with Fiora in the past (against Anil “HolyPhoenix” Isik’s Lucian too!) To make sure he had a good early game, Tri Tin “k0u” Lam made sure to gank top lane as soon as he could. Him being known as the Wolves’ early game shot caller was prominent in his gank onto Jorge "Werlyb" Casanovas ’s Nautilus because he was able to predict where Nautilus would flash away and he followed up with a flash-body slam combo at the predicted spot in order to secure first blood for Wickd. Making sure his early lead would continue, Caedral teleported top lane as Lissandra and helped secure a second kill for Wickd onto Werlyb once again.

Feeling more confident, Wickd decided to be more aggressive onto Werlyb, but as Nautilus was beating Fiora in a 1v1, Wickd began to retreat towards his tower. His pathing changed as Rudy “Rudy” Beltran’s Elise showed up top, making Wickd rethink his initial plan. Wickd then, surprisingly, ran towards the enemy turret, disregarding the fact that he still had flash and didn’t want to risk getting stunned by Elise. Wickd ultimately fell to Rudy, making everyone question why he didn’t just continue running towards his own turret.

Things started to look better for Huma because not only were they able to catch out Wickd, but Huma’s bot lane also scored a double kill as well. At bot lane, Copenhagen Wolves’ ADC Kristoffer “P1noy” Lund and Support Risto “SirNukesAlot” Luuri played a little too aggressive. The bot lane duo both had their flashes up, but instead of retreating, they tried to fight.

Sadly, Huma was only able to celebrate their victory for a short amount of time.

Everytime team fights occurred, it would always go in favor of Copenhagen Wolves. The Wolves were able to secure baron after a team fight occurred where their red buff resided, making it more difficult for Huma to get back into the game. The Copenhagen Wolves’ more superior team fights ultimately won them the game, as Huma’s nexus fell at 35 minutes.

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Game Two

Copenhagen Wolves

Bans:  Quinn, Jax, Kalista
Picks: Trundle, Elise, Corki, Sivir, Braum


Bans: Lulu, Nidalee, Poppy
Picks: Hecarim, Gragas, Nautilus, Ezreal, Alistar

After losing to a heavy frontline comp, Huma decided to try it out as well by picking up four tanks and a safe ADC. What surprised a majority of us, however, was to see Nautilus being picked up for Dan “Godbro” Van Vo in the mid lane.

At the start of the game, the Copenhagen Wolves decided to initiate a lane swap. Huma seemed too slow to react as the Wolves were able to secure the top tower much faster than Huma taking down bot’s tower. Rudy also suffered a lot from the lane swap since he started at his red side jungle, only to find k0u and Wickd taking his red buff from him. He also made a small misplay after their bot turret was taken by Huma because he decided to farm up in his bottom jungle while his team was all near the top side of the map. Rudy may not have died, but he had to use his flash.

Because the Wolves were faster at rotating, they were able to get Rift Herald uncontested.  Trying to find something to make up for it, Huma went for dragon. Although they may have secured dragon for themselves, Christopher “je suis kaas” van Oudheusden made a mistake by recalling at the river, only to be taken down by Caedral for first blood.

Copenhagen Wolves decided to push their advantage by trying to capture Rift Herald, but due to the camp restarting halfway through, Huma were able to catch the Wolves as they continued to go for it. K0u may have gotten the kill credit, but he ultimately went down in the process along with P1noy. Surprisingly, nobody picked up the buff.

Things started to go downhill for the Wolves as they got initiated on by je suis kaas’ Alistar while trying to go for the outer top turret. Alistar was able to knock Sivir towards the enemy turret and died. Huma got a bit greedy as Werlyb decided to teleport in and aim for Caedral. After going all in, Werlyb ultimately dies, giving the Wolves a kill that was resulted in him being too aggressive.

Another fight broke out at the dragon pit, where Huma was able to kill four members of the Copenhagen Wolves, only losing Werlyb in the process. Huma decided to ditch the dragon idea and went straight for baron. Sadly, Rudy fell to baron, which gave the kill to Wickd. But on a good note, HolyPhoenix was able to secure the kill onto baron.

Huma decided to focus on getting all of the outer turrets. They were successful on taking both mid and bot’s, but the pace of the game started to slow down as they spent too much time trying to get the last outer turret top lane.

Around 33 minutes into the game, a team fight broke out in the mid lane. Huma was able to kill both the Wolves’ ADC and Support, but they misplayed big time as they went straight for baron.

As Huma starts the baron at 37 minutes, the Copenhagen Wolves were able to make their way to the pit to punish Huma’s actions. Huma secured the buff, but the Wolves secured the win making the score 2-0.

Photocredits go to: lolesports' Twitter

Game Three

Copenhagen Wolves

Bans: Quinn, Jax, Kalista
Picks: Nautilus, Lee Sin, Corki, Sivir, Braum


Bans: Lulu, Nidalee, Poppy
Picks: Trundle, Gragas, Cassiopeia, Ezreal, Alistar

Both teams decided to keep the same bans from the previous game. The only changes made to both team comps were k0u chose Lee Sin over Elise and Werlyb and Godbro chose differently as well – Nautilus and Cassiopeia.

There was a bunch of trading going on between both teams, but first blood wasn’t given up until 6 minutes into the game when k0u ganked mid and helped secure a kill onto Godbro.

Keeping up with their small advantage, all five members of the Copenhagen Wolves invested their time at bot lane, where they were able to pick off both je suis kaas and HolyPhoenix.

The first big team fight of Game 3 occurred 16 minutes in at Huma’s jungle near red buff. There, Godbro got caught by both k0u and Caedral, but Godbro was able to land his ult onto the two and flashed away to safety. As the two members from the Wolves were no longer stunned, Huma began to collapse onto them. Luckily, the Wolves turned the fight around, killing Rudy, je suis kaas, and even Godbro (since he didn’t recall.)

Things started to go downhill for Copenhagen Wolves, though. At 19 minutes in, Huma started off dragon. Trying to be sneaky, k0u jumps into the dragon pit, but was unable to secure a steal for the Wolves which ended up costing his life.

Not only was his play at dragon a poor one, but k0u decided to keep the trend going by over-chasing Godbro, which brought enough time for the rest of Huma to collapse on him.

Similar to last game, baron became the pitfalls for both teams. This time, however, a poor baron play caused Copenhagen Wolves to throw their game away to Huma. Huma was still given a chance to win the series as they solidified their first victory.

Photocredits go to: lolesports' Twitter

Game Four

Copenhagen Wolves

Bans: Quinn, Jax, Braum
Picks: Nautilus, Gragas, Corki, Ezreal, Alistar


Bans: Lulu, Nidalee, Poppy
Picks: Trundle, Kindred, LeBlanc, Kalista Morgana

A major change during the pick-and-ban phase that occurred was Copenhagen Wolves banning out Braum – the champion SirNukesAlot played for the first three games! But, they banned the Braum so the Wolves could prioritize on another champion – Gragas. With Kalista being up, HolyPhoenix decided to pick her up since she is a champion he can play well.

With their win last game, it gave Huma more momentum when entering Game 4. Both ADCs and supports made their way top lane, giving their top laners bot lane. At 4 minutes, Wickd was overextended, making it easy for both Godpro and Rudy to roam bot to secure first blood.

Huma continued to focus Wickd as Rudy made his way back bot once again and assisted Werlyb with a tower dive. The tower looked to kill Rudy as well, but his ultimate saved him from that disparity.

The first big team fight of Game 4 occurred at the mid lane 17 minutes into the game. Huma was able to get two kills, making it possible for them to rush towards dragon. After solidifying dragon, the Wolves respawned and began to collapse on Huma, only resulting in the death of je suis kaas.

The Copenhagen Wolves all rushed mid to take down both the inhibitor turret and the inhibitor as well. Meanwhile, Werlyb was splitpushing, getting both the bottom turret and inhibitor, making sure that Huma got something in return.

Another team fight broke out at top lane 27 minutes in, where Huma’s outer turret was destroyed, but 3 kills were given to Huma as well. The fight let Huma to taking baron successfully. The game ended after another team fight occurred, with Huma being the victors.

Photocredits go to: lolesports' Twitter

Game Five


Bans: Twisted Fate, Poppy, Nidalee
Picks: Trundle, Kindred, LeBlanc, Lucian, Braum

Copenhagen Wolves

Bans: Quinn, Jax, Lulu
Picks: Gangplank, Gragas, Lissandra, Kalista Janna

With the final game underway, Wickd pulled out an unexpected Gangplank pick for the top lane. Huma stuck to the same team comp as Game 4, only switching up Kalista with Lucian.

During a 1v1 in the mid lane, Godbro was able to land a chain onto Caedral, making him unable to escape as Lissandra. With Rudy vastly approaching, Caedral tried to flash away to safety, but Rudy’s Kindred only needed to hop towards Caedral and he secured first blood for Huma.

Wickd’s Gangplank pick didn’t do him any good in lane. He lost against Werlyb’s Trundle 1v1 at the bot lane 9 minutes into the game.

It wasn’t until 17 minutes in when a team fight broke out. It was initiated by Huma, but the Copenhagen Wolves were able to turn the fight around. The Wolves bit off more than they could chew, as SirNukesAlot flashes greedily to try and stop HolyPhoenix from getting away, but died in the process. Godbro was able to kill off Janna, but died as well in the process. The fight overall was just a messy one.

Another crucial fight occurred 32 minutes in near baron. The Copenhagen Wolves were able to kill 4 out of 5 members of Huma, and was awarded with the baron buff. Sadly, the Wolves ended up throwing the entire series as they stayed too long in Huma’s base. After healing back at the fountain, Huma ran straight for the Wolves, killing all but SirNukesAlot. Huma counter-pushed towards Copenhagen Wolves’ base and was able to successfully reverse sweep the Wolves.


Winner of the series: Huma


Do you think Huma has what it takes to make it into the LCS?

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Thank you for voting!
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