Team Impulse sweep Team Dignitas in quarterfinals

LoL David “True2k8” Demarco


Despite a slow start, Team Impulse bested the sixth seed Team Dignitas in three games, moving onto the semi-finals to take on Counter Logic Gaming.

The matchup to open up the North American League Champion Series playoffs was a match of hot versus cold. TIP’s 6-1 run during the final three weeks was quite the contrast to Dignitas’ 2-4 end-of-season skid.

Game one

TIP would start uncharacteristically passive, taking control of the map with the help of an uncommon sighstone hurry by Rush. Regardless, they were able to take control of a sloppy lane swap and reversal by Dignitas, pulling their outside lanes ahead for a minuscule lead. Dignitas tried to pressure Gate early on, but he would remain unfazed and lost only summoners each time.

Through the middle of the game, both teams would safely trade towers and objectives, but would resist any kind of team fight. TIP would pull the passive plug at around 28 minutes, charging a chunked Dignitas while they finished dragon, trading just one for three, opening up a power play to run down two middle towers and an inhibitor.

TIP were able to roll this advantage into two more team fights with a baron sandwiched in between, securing the game after a methodically played early game.

Game two

During the second game TIP would stick to their Shen, Kog’Maw and Elise combination, but this time put Gate on Lulu and Adrian on Leona, a pick that would hint at their upcoming aggressiveness. Dignitas would opt for the Lucian-Braum bot lane, another aggressive jungler for Helios in Nidalee and a last rotation Kassadin pickup for Shiphtur to answer the immobile Kog’Maw.

TIP would pull ahead quite early, throwing a party in the bot lane in which an invitation was passed to most players in the game. Like game one, TIP would edge ahead with some early kills and a dragon, but would foolishly overextend, giving up three kills, pulling Dignitas within relevance.

The vision control by TIP led to Helios getting picked in his jungle, opening the door for a baron capture to lead to a knockdown of several Dignitas turrets. Dignitas were able to hold off just a bit longer, but TIP were able to snag another Baron and close out the game.

Game three

Dignitas were then one game away from elimination, making it possible for the second three game sweep of the day. TIP seemingly prioritized Elise for the third game in a row, in which Dignitas decided to put an end to Apollo's carry Kog'Maw, taking it themselves and giving up Kiwikid’s comfort pick Alistar in the process.

With confidence that they would be able to take the game three, TIP decided against showing their hand for the next round of playoffs, utilizing a similar play style to the previous two games. Elise and Shen were taken in all three of TIP’s games, with Gate playing Azir in games one and two.

Rush’s early aggression rolled over into game, snagging his team a double kill early in a bottom lane dive. From there TIP won small battles around the map, slowly building a lead once again over Dignitas.

After taking an early baron, TIP were able to siege the Dignitas base, taking the middle inhibitor. Like in the previous two games, the notoriously risky TIP would overstay and give up a few kills to Dignitas.

After Dignita were able to pick up a few kills at their own base, they used the opportunity to push out their lanes and milk the clock. They would however make one final hiccup in the top river after massing around baron. They would get baited into engaging on TIP with Adrian’s Alistar coming in from their unwarded side to disrupt their backline unexpectedly.

With three down TIP were able to push for game and secure their clean three game sweep of Dignitas.

David “True2k8” Demarco
Writer for Renegades & GosuGamers