AHQ's Promise updates status on his recovery after suicide attempt

LoL Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor

The player who suffered a 12-story drop has posted an update on his recovery and his plans in life following the suicide attempt.

In an earlier report on Promise's attempted suicide, we gave live updates on the status of the player as time passed.  Now, Promise has answered fans and journalists as to his current status.  As he's been a hot-topic, he decided to answer the freqeuntly asked questions about the future of his life, his current rating on League, and the inspiration for leaving some of the scars on his body.

Credit to the English translation of the statement goes to Paravine.



Why did I make such a decision?

A lot of things really, what I wrote on facebook was only a mere fraction of what I was going through.

If I were to explain everything, I would have to drown myself in at least 100 litres of alcohol first. (I would die from a liver failure before that because of my meds though haha..)

The past is past, so I just decided to leave it all behind.


What were you thinking about before attempting a suicide?

The thought of suicide has been in my mind for a few years. “Why must I live, should I kill myself, I should kill myself.”

I have attempted to suicide many times, but I just didn’t have the courage before.

But when I realized killing myself is less of a pain than living on with my current life, I had the courage to jump.

I could fully understand what the phrase “I live because I am too afraid to die” meant then.

However what I now know is that it’s a scary world, but there is just as much of a bright side to the world as well.

When I opened my eyes to the spring drizzle in a storage dumpster with my body heavily injured from the fall I realized something: life is busy enough looking at just the bright side.

I also realized that you sometimes need a hard beating to get your mind straight. haha.

How did you recover so quickly?

After 11 hours of surgery the doctor woke me up from my anaesthesia.

He was shocked that I opened my eyes immediately because most patients are very drowsy and wake up very slowly.

Another doctor was surprised when my gums recovered from the injury in just few days. My mouth had to be sewn shut for 4 weeks but after 3 weeks he removed the wires from my mouth.

I don’t know how I recovered in just 8 weeks when the doctors expected it to take 3 ~ 4 months.

Maybe the tears from my mother’s eyes, the sight of my family members I rarely see all united in one room, friends who came to the hospital regardless of the time or their work, and fans all over the world sending me cheerful messages made me realize I had a reason to live on and strengthened my body.


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