mTw becomes Monomaniacs

LoL Michael “Zechs_” Radford
Just ahead of MLG Raleigh, Monomaniacs have picked up the former mTw.NA roster.
Monomaniacs has a history in League of Legends, and they know the value of having a solid team. It's no huge surprise, then, that they swooped on the chance to pick up mTw's North American team. "we pride ourselves as being seen as one of the best homes for top tier talent to settle," reads the official statement. The change comes just ahead of MLG Raleigh, where we predicted the team to finish third.

Whether this comes as a boon or a distraction remains to be seen, but Aphromoo was very happy with the move. "I look forward to doing business with them and bringing home some notoriety with tournament wins," he said on their homepage. The team's support MuffinQT echoed those sentiments: "We'll still be the same old team our fans know and love, just with a new and improved name behind us."

The team has been together for some time now, but they will represent their new sponsors for the first time starting this evening. After a solid performance under the mTw tag at IPL's Face Off, Monomaniacs will be looking to go a stage further and reach the finals.

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Michael “Zechs_” Radford

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