Seventh and FINAL North American Open Division Cup tonight at 18:00PDT

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

Today the seventh and FINAL North American Open Cup will begin as teams play for the best seeding in the playoffs where only eight teams will fight for the chance to take on the lowest two HGC Professional teams in The Crucible.

So far only around 20 teams are signed up and ready to face off in this final cup and as it's the last cup, the final teams are all but set. 

Heroes Hearth is obviously the clear favorite coming into this cup and will most likely carry going into the playoffs. While the top four teams of HH, Donkeys R Us, Imported Support and Operative Esports (formerly Flame is Lame) are practically set, there's still a chance for teams to shuffle the standings a bit going into the playoff bracket.

Today's cup will be played on the LIVE servers and Kel'Thuzad is NOT allowed

The first day of the tournament begins tonight at 18:00 PDT on twitch.tv/arcane8.

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Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski
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