First Impressions: The NEW Haunted Mines Gameplay

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With the PTR comes the new Haunted Mines. Here is some early footage with commentary so you can be ready for the new Haunted Mines!

Haunted Mines will be coming to The Nexus soon and is playable now on the PTR Server. Simon of LowkoTV recorded some excellent footage of the updated battleground.


Early impressions and tips


  • Even though the map seems smaller, being a two lane map, the underground represents lots of extra size where global abilities can be very useful.
  • Heroes like Tassadar and Brightwing that provide vision will definitely improve survivability in the mines.
  • Heroes like Illidan, Thrall, and The Butcher hold up well during the mines phase because they can jungle and sustain.
  • Auriel seems strong having no mana and her Detainment Strike’s ability to stun comes in handy in the mines.
  • The new Diablo seems pretty strong at displacing teams in the mines along with being able to clear grave miners quickly.
  • Brightwing can teleport, provide critical vision and shut down aggression.
  • So far, Lt. Morales cannot use her Medivac to fly between levels, Falstad cannot use his mount to fly between levels, and Illidan cannot use The Hunt to travel between levels. Dehaka can use Brushstalker to travel to any bush but there's no bushes in the mines to capitalize on.


So far, Haunted Mines seems much much, better, having longer game times, more map symmetry, and less ability to snowball out of control. Even with the improvements though, it will take time for players and pros alike to adjust to the new Mines, especially with all the hero changes that will go live at the same time. 

The New Haunted Mines will hit live servers on December 12th as that week’s brawl so practice up and be ready to play as one of three random heroes.

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