Auriel and Lunara are the current meta's top-tier duo

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

It's no secret that Auriel is a top-tier support hero, but have you tried pairing her with Lunara? Competitive heroes players have and the power is clear.

This week's guide is all about understanding the sustain power of Lunara and Auriel when paired together on the same team. The duo excels at long teamfights and taking advantage of the massive amounts of energy Auriel gets from Lunara's damage over time Toxins.

The guide covers everything you need to know about the duo, including counters, talent suggestions, and clips from tournament matches that illustrate the winning (and losing) strategies:


Team Liquid vs. RTN Towers of Doom
Imported Support vs. Astral Authority Towers of Doom
Team Naventic vs. Murloc Geniuses Tomb of the Spider Queen

Check out the full article on Lunara and Auriel here on Blizzard's official Heroes of the Storm Esports portal.

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Who carries who?

Lunara carries Auriel
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Auriel carries Lunara
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