The fight for PAX West begins--the qualifiers for the 2nd NA regional starts today

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Four streams are happening simultaneously to try and catch as much open qualifier madness as possible.

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What you need to know

Open Qualifiers - August 14, 18 & 21 
-- 3 Open Qualifiers 
-- Single Elimination 
-- Best-of-3 matches 
-- 2 teams qualify from each Qualifier

Main Event - September 2 - 4 
-- 8 teams 
-- Double Elimination Group Stage 
-- Single Elimination Playoffs

PAX East is the final destination for the teams competing today. The bracket is stacked with sponsored teams and a fresh batch of new blood-- all looking to compete along side of Murloc Geniuses at BlizzCon 2016.

Even some familiar faces have returned to play in this qualifier:

NA sportsmanship in 2016?

Even seasoned pros are enjoying the massive qualifier spirit in the air:

You can watch all streams simultaneously on this cool multitwitch link. I suggest turning on all streams at max volume with the screen maximized so you can become one with the Nexus and ascend into new heights of eSports glory.

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Who will qualify for PAX East?

All of the usual suspects
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A new team hungry for glory
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