Dignitas and Team Liquid first to advance in EU Summer regionals

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The first qualifier has ended and the rest of EU's top teams only have one more chance to qualify for the EU Summer Regionals

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The first Summer Qualifier was filled with 2-0 stomps and a lot of powerful Xul play. It was one of the first time EU teams were competing under the current balance update and as a result, we were able to see each teams different take on the new meta. Since her buffs, Valla has continued to increase in usage, with these matches revealing her newfound popularity among the pros.

The biggest upset of the day was Epsilon esports defeating mYinsanity in a 2-0 stomp. The Tassadar pick by mYinsanity in both games didn't pay off, proving ineffective against excellent Li-Ming and Lunara play by Epsilon. On the other side of the bracket, this match happened:

In a unique double warrior draft featuring Chen to counter the Fnatic Malfurion and Zagara, Na'Vi looked to be one step ahead in both drafting and actual gameplay. Their Chen play was so impressive it caused Dignitas to instantly ban the oft-forgotten Pandaren during their match against Na'Vi.

In the final matches of the day, Dignitas and Team Liquid took easy 2-0 wins against Na'Vi and Team Epsilon, earning them the first two spots in the Summer EU regional. Unlike other regionals before it, this event game EU teams one more chance thanks to a second qualifier on April 22-24th

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