Zoia talks post Spring Championship drama, Xul, and the potential of Tempo Storm

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Fresh of his return from casting the NA Spring Championship Zoia spent some time on his stream breaking in Xul, singing, and providing us with some post Spring Championship insights.

Link to Zoia's past broadcast

Earlier today during Zoia's Xul release day stream, he took the opportunity to shed some light on Spring Championship discussion points that have been buzzing around the community. What was Zuna shouting at Glaurung? Why didn't Erho shake Glaurungs hand? Just how powerful is Xul?

All those things and more were targets of Zoia's knowledge bombs. If you didn't see the stream for your self, check out the good bits below:

On the drama between Zuna and Glaurung

  • Apparently, Glaurung was talking trash all weekend and is known for talking trash on his stream, and in scrims.
  • There is no real hate between Zuna and Glaurung.
  • Zoia thinks the jawing back and forth between Zuna and Glaurung is good for the scene.

On teams and the meta

  • Zoia loves the current "Warrior / Support" meta- it has lots of variety.
  • He continues to be impressed by the dark horse team King of Blades Alpha, has been casting them the last 5 or 6 months.
  • Tomster, of King of Blades of Alpha, is playing particularly well.
  • His favorite Heroes team right now is Cloud9.

On Tempo Storm's performance

  • Was happy with their performance. 
  • Held their own against Cloud9 and Naventic
  • Felt Naventic games could have gone either way.
  • Tempo Storm currently okay at everything, no real weakness, but needs more polish in some of those just "ok" areas.
  • Goku reminds him of where iDream was 1 year ago. Goku has chance to get to iDream's level.

On casting and the casters

  • Loves his energy and chemistry with @GillyweedSC2 when they cast together. They know exactly when to hand off to each other and it feels natural.
  • The #1 rule in good casting that he was taught - always try to make your co-caster look good, never focus on yourself.
  • Dreadnaught is improving quickly in his casting.
  • Khaldor is the best solo caster he has seen. Curious to watch how Khaldor and Dreadnaught play off each other for EU Regionals.

On Xul first impressions

  • Xul's very fun but no guarantee's yet if he will or will not impact the meta.
  • After trying both, he prefer's the Poison Nova heroic because of the high damage.
  • If you get the combos down with his abilities, the damage is insane.
  • Xul has absurd wave clear.
  • Suffers from being a melee with no escape.

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