Day two of EU ETS playoffs dominated by Team Liquid

Heroes Matthew “GLPhoenix” Hunter

Team Liquid has brushed off all challengers so far, and now they've booked themselves a showdown with Na'Vi in the winners bracket finals.

With Na'Vi already securing their spot in the winners final later in the week, they were able to sit back and watch and see which of the powerhouses, Team Liquid or Fnatic, they would have to face.

Team Liquid found their groove in their first match, dispatching Virtus Pro 2-0 and then riding that momentum to knock Fnatic down to the lower bracket with a solid 2-0. There was a chance Liquid would have had to fight through TCM Gaming in order to face Na'Vi in winners finals, after TCM took Fnatic to all three games.

In the deciding game Fnatic pulled out a curve ball picking Murky last, which actually worked out for them, winning them the series 2-1 and knocking TCM into the lower bracket. 

TL obviously knew Murky would be a problem so in the second (and final) game of the upper bracket semi-finals they turned around and took a safe ban against him. The ban proved to be a good choice, along with a strong Chen pick, gave them the adrenaline they needed to fly passed Fnatic 2-0 and advance to the upper bracket finals.

Playoff matches will continue Saturday at 14:00 CET with the lower bracket matches leading up to the lower bracket semi-final. TCM& and Virtus Pro do not have much time to relax as they fight for their tournament lives. Tune in to see which teams will live to fight another day, and which teams shall fall short of glory.

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Which team has a better shot at running through the lower bracket and making it to the final?

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