Li-Ming banned nearly every game while Lunara finds competitive popularity

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2Arc took first place in Enter the Storm NA Qualifier #4 thanks to powerful Lunara, Rehgar, and Stitches picks.

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2Arc took away a big win during Qualifier #4, defeating the current point leader Resurgence and placing them 3rd in overall qualifier points. With such a major patch happening in the middle of the qualifier circuit, it was anyones guess as to where the meta would land come tournament time. However, the teams drafts and bans spoke loudly: No one wants to play against Li-ming.

And when Li-Ming is banned nearly every game, the newly buffed heroes become the go to top tiers. Lunara in particle was dominant throughout the entire tournament, with special emphasis on 2Arc's Lzgamer piloting the first dryad immaculately. Her auto attack animation buffs and poison scaling is nothing to scoff at- Lunara is a tier 1 hero without a doubt. Stitches and Rehgar made a big presence as well, with Rehgar in particular showing some crazy amounts of healing combined with burst and siege damage thanks to Lighting shield and Feral Lunge.

Be on the lookout for more great Heroes of the Storm action at the ETS NA 2 Qualifier # 4 taking place on 12 February, 2016 21:00 CET.  

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is Li-ming the most important hero for a competitive team to ban or pick?

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