The playoff brackets for EU's finest have been revealed

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Rising teams compete for honor, while old rivals will clash again - Enter the Storm EU Cup #4 playoff brackets are live!

Enter the Storm EU Cup #4 kicks off on February 15th and many of EU's finest teams will be competing for a $10,000 USD prize pool - the largest prize pool of any Enter the Storm tournament to date.

After four very intense qualifiers, the stage is set for eight of the best HotS teams Europe has to offer to compete for a large prize pool and a shot at proving who's the best team in Europe. Day 1 starts Monday, February 15th at 18 CET where Na'Vi will play Bubble and GIZ plays TSaM in the first round of the tournament. The winners of each game will go on to play round 2 on Monday, battling for a chance to compete in the winners bracket finale.

Na'Vi and GIZ both were able to win out in Group A and C respectively, proving to both be very strong contenders entering into this tournament. Team Bubble lost 1-2 to Fnatic in Group B, but was able to finish second giving them a chance at redemption in Cup #4. TSaM finished second behind Team Liquid in Group D only losing 1 series to Team Liquid.

Day 2 of Enter the Storm EU Cup #4 will showcase Team Liquid vs. Virtus.Pro and Fnatic vs. TCM Gaming. Winners from both games will play eachother for a chance at competing in the winners finale against the champion from day 1. Both Fnatic and Team Liquid are coming off solid first place wins in their respective groups, but Virtus.Pro and TCM aren't out of the competiton yet.

Fnatic after their win at DreamHack - will they remain on top throughout Enter the Storm?

The losers bracket will take place on day 3, Saturday February 20th, and the champion of the losers bracket will go on to play the champion of the winners bracket on day 4. The champion of the winners bracket will move into the best of 5 grand finale with the option to choose first/second pick and their map preference for game 1. 

The losers bracket finale, winners bracket finale and the grand finale will take place on Sunday the 21st. On day 4 teams will compete for reputation and to place in the top three of the torunament. First place will recieve $6,000 USD, second will get $3,500 and third #1,500.

There's more at stake than just money in Enter the Storm EU Cup #4; there's an opportunity for an EU team to prove themselves and claim their dominance.

Be sure to visit the Enter the Strom EU Cup #4 event page.

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