The Playoffs are set, Team Liquid and Sandwhich advance from Group D

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The 8 Teams fated to compete in the Enter the Storm EU Cup #4 playoffs has been decided.

Team Liquid looked in control and confident during their group stage matches. Pleasing the crowd with epic Stitches hooks, and a stylish Murky pick (in a game they admittedly lost), Team Liquids confidence in was on full display. It's a good look for one of the oldest EU heroes teams around.

Take for example, their matches against Natus Vincere. Despite losing game 1 while picking The Lost Vikings, they chose the trio again during game 2 and went on to win. Not many teams would of had the composure to stick to such a niche strategy after a loss, but they did and were rewarded for it.

The Sandwich Monkey, led by adrd, is one of EU's hottest rising teams and this win for them only cements that title. They lost to Team Liquid, but their wins against elysium were dominant, showcasing the power of Sonya, Falstad and Kharazim with back to back drafts. This qualification gives them a chance to re-match against Googleishetzont, the team that beat them in Katowice

The playoffs begin on 5 February, 2016 16:00 CET.

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