Group A concludes with Na'Vi and TCM gaming advancing

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The balance update changes were in full affect with Na'Vi dominating the group with Stitches and TCM advancing as well using the long forgotten Anub'Arak during ETS EU#4.

The only buff Stitches got during the latest balance update was an increase to his Slam and auto attack damage. This small change turned out to be huge, turning the virtually never played hero and a making him into a viable tournament pick. Na'Vi utilized Stitches to great affect in their games vs both TCM and Euronics, pairing the terror of darkshire along side Sonya and other high burst damage heroes. Na'Vi made going undefeated in the group stage look easy.

On TCM gaming also advanced from the group stage, losing only to the afformentioned Na'Vi. Their hero picks were also a breath of fresh air, consistining of Sylvanas and a reoccuring double warrior strategy that even made use of Anub'arak, a hero even less popular than Stitches.

The balance update only changed a few heroes, but the meta has already shifted drastically because of it. The next leg of the tournament, Group B, will be played on 25 January, 2016 18:00 CET streamed live at Twitch.tv/Khaldor

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Is Stitches back? Or is it just Na'Vi?

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