New in-development video shows skins, new hero abilities, and more

Heroes Jacob “ManMode” Godfrey

Sailor Moon Li-Ming, an Egyptian Xul, and a slew of Lunar Festival goodies are shown for the first time in the latest in development video.

With the recent announcement of two new heroes, a new in development video was sure to follow. Filled to the brim with new surprises, we get our first look at the master skins for Xul and Li-Ming, as well as what to expect from this year's Lunar Festival.

The most important thing to note from this video is probably our first look at some of Li-Ming's abilities in action. Granted, they are the variations for her 'Sailor Moon' skin, but it still gives a fairly nice look at how they work.

The Lunar festival is back in full force with all new skins for Jaina and Illidan, as well as a brand new dragon mount. Of course, they are all dripping with style. In the same way as Chen and Lili last year, they also have custom animations for their abilities.

It also looks like the legendary Arthas skin that was shown off at Blizzcon is nearing release. With a custom mount, ability animations, and maybe custom dialogue? this will be a must have for fans of the frosty lord of undeath.

Lastly, a never before revealed Morales skin makes an appearance. 'Love Doctor Morales' certainly has a fitting title as it is decked out in hearts from head to toe. It's entirely likely this has something to do with a Valentines day promotion, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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  • Michael "dreadnought" Jones ,
    Very cool looking new heroes Also I love the new Jaina skin, very cool and elegent I dont really like Crimson Count Arthas but I will hands down buy it for that Dragon ability variation, Sindragosa looks cool!


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