The Sandwich Monkeys clearly in the lead after final ETS #4 qualifier

Heroes Jacob “ManMode” Godfrey

After winning the final qualifier, ADRD's new team 'The Sandwich Monkeys' have the highest points by a long shot.

After a long hiatus during the holidays, the last two Enter the Storm EU #4 qualifiers have come and passed, and ADRD's (relatively) new team. Comprised of veterans and old pros from various teams, The Sandwich Monkeys have fought tooth and nail throughout the ETS qualifiers, attempting to legitimize their new team.

They haven't won every qualifier, but their impact has been more than evident. Able to make it to at least the semifinals almost every time, TSaM have racked up plenty of points despite not sealing the deal. It was last week and today's qualifiers that brought them over the edge. Winning two very decisive qualifiers boosted their points to well and beyond the lead, guaranteeing them a place in the main event.

The final team rankings are listed above. You can see TSaM's very dominant lead after their string of victories. The top 14 teams listed here will be invited to the main event where they will compete against the best of Europe for a $10,000 prize pool and various ROCCAT gear.

Although TSaM has shown their strength in the qualifiers, the real test has yet to come. If they're able to take down the big trio (Team Liquid, Fnatic, Na'Vi) then we very well might have a new titan of a team in Europe. The scene is always shifting, and new teams are always looking for that #1 spot. with their combined veteran experience, and ADRD's tactical mastermind, it would be no surprise if TSaM is able to go toe to toe with the big leagues.

The playoffs will commence on January 23, and you can watch every game live at twitch.tv/khaldor. Don't forget that you can bet on all of these matches in our GosuBets section.

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