GosuStats: How Katowice Spring Championship qualifiers show a changing meta

Heroes Matt “Snufalufugus” Trovalli

After the Katowice Qualifier #3, there were definite shifts in the stun-heavy meta that has dominated Heroes of the Storm for quite some time. However, there is still definite strength in having a burst-heavy team.

The first major thing that stands out fro Katowice Qualifier #3 is the importance of three heroes - Kael'Thas, Thrall and Rehgar. All three of these characters were picked or banned in every single game, showing just much respect EU has for them. Kael'Thas has been a top choice for a long time because of his burst + stun combo.

The warchief Thrall

He has traditionally been a pretty good pick, but the suprising thing from this tournament is that EU was definitely avoiding having to play against Thrall. Thrall was contested in every game, but was banned more often than he was picked. He was an absolute must have/must ban in this tournament, even though he specifically didn't get any changes in the Li-Ming patch. He provides a decent amount of CC and can really burst down squishies, so it makes sense why he would be such an important hero to avoid.

The rise of  Rehgar

Rehgar's new utility spawned entirely from the February 2nd patch. His kit was improved so much that it's not suprising he's rising to the top now. Unlike before, Rehgar can provide solid healing and hold his own in a team fight. He was made a much more well-rounded hero, and this is why we're seeing him in more highly competitive games. He was also the most first picked hero.

Zagara still in it

Zagara was contested in 23/24 games and was banned the same amount of times as Thrall. She's definitely still on everyone's radar and seen as a very powerful hero. Her ability to push lanes and spread visibility is critical, this didn't change from the pervious updates. 

Falstad going strong

Falstad is still a top pick for teams, especially seeing as he was banned only 4 times. He was in almost every other game, being picked 18 times. Falstad is definitely a strong hero to have, but isn't regarded as a must-ban. 

What about supports?

Another major change in the meta is Tyrande's decline. Tyrande was once regarded as OP and a top contested hero, but now she was only played in not even half of the games in the third Katowice qualifier. There's a definite rise in popularity for Rehgar, but Tassadar was also one of the most contested heroes, making his way into 14 games and being banned 7 times. 

Tanks in decline

One major observation from this qualifier series is that assassins and support are taking priority over tanks. Murdan used to be a must-have on every team, and while he's definitely still one of the best tank picks, he's not necessarily seen as a must-ban. He was in 16/24 games, but wasn't the focus of almost any bans. 

Diablo also rose to the occasion, being contested the same amount as Muradin. Diablo was actually banned more than Muradin was, so EU definitely sees his potential. Diablo's stun-heavy kit can be very powerful, and his ability to revive quickly can help keep pressure on a team.

An honorable mention goes to Stitches, being contested in 15/24 games making him the third most contested tank and he was also banned more than Muradin. He's definitely risen from the January patch that improved him overall.

The European meta is changing and will continue to change. Visit our stats page to keep up with the latest trends!

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